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  1. Hi, I need some help. Today I've experienced weirdest issue ever. Few hours ago I got disconnected during teleport (typical Firestorm stuff, I wasn't concerned) since then I was trying to relog, but game practically doesn't work. Logging in takes a very long time, once I log in I don't see other characters, I can't teleport, basically nothing loads for me - map, profiles, avatars etc. I just now logged on another account and everything works perfectly there. I even opened two accounts on the same (Firestorm) viewer and had them on the same land. For one everything works normal for the other barely anything. Has anyone ever experienced something like this? EDIT: After nearly 7h game started working again, so I guess topic can be closed...
  2. Thanks for this site. Maybe on one, but I have internet from two, different, providers and it would've been weird if suddenly both broke down only for SL. But well, thanks anyway, I'll be checking every once in a while.
  3. Hi, I wanted to ask is SL down or am I the only one experiencing issues? Logging in takes forever, I can't load any profile, change location, sending messages takes forever... And no, I don't have any network issues.
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