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  1. wow, what an honor!! Thrilled to see my picture here! Thanks Trinity and Thanks Ems for the inspiration!
  2. Why is there a charge to save a SL generated snapshot to my inventory? Its super annoying to me who is pinching my sl L$ to lose money on this when Im merely using one of the games functions. you dont charge me to save my own builds in my inventory so why do I have to pay for a sl snapshot? As far as the texture answer below goes, I can understand that IF I was uploading it from my pc but this is an SL generated texture. And you are correct, the 10$L is a small fee however spread that out over the course of your avi life and its a significant chunk of change. Im well aware of the ability to save your pics to your hard drive, this avi is an alt, Ive been on sl since 2005. I build, sell poses and take "semi decent" pics ;).. And im sorry but I disagree with you regarding the use of SL Viewer features, it should be free. Im not saying that there shouldnt be a charge for pics(textures) you UPLOAD but not for sl snapshots. ___________________________________________ Edited______________________ Thanks Rolig, that makes sense - that it actually IS uploaded from my lame pc lol - thats why im not in IT I guess.. just was a bone of contention. While I dont make a habit of using that feature much anymore since I prefer to edit my pics it was just kinda annoying seeing as you dont have to do that for your own builds which I would think take up way more room on the LL servers than a texture pic. Thanks again Thanks for your replies.
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