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  1. If the Literary, Parapost community is not welcome and the sims roleplay is focused on action-and-respawn - does this Not qualify more as a First-Person-Shooter game?
  2. This is not a slam, more of an observation.... If the prospective RP partner has illusions/hopes about finding the perfect mate in SL and taking the relationship to RL, then people's RL gender is an issue to them. Nothing wrong with that of itself, but it does underscore why its nice for people to put certain things in their Personal Profile like;" I never mix RL and SL". My experience has been that having that in my public profile goes a long way towards "filtering" the folks with somewhat unrealistic expectations out of the "hit on Cait" que :-) Now, I have seen people get very indignant when someone states that a certain element that believes "guys playing girls is icky" exists in SL...... but groups devoted to "Voice verified female" still thrive and people still feel it necessary to put that in their profiles..... So on some level, that does seem to exist. If someone wants to play cross-gender then two groups; Switchers and The Acceptance Project will help you network with folks - many in the RP community - who will be very acceptimg. Overall, SL is a very tolerant place. However, as "adult" roleplay often verges on intimate situations, you have to be considerate of peoples real-life "limits" and if they have issues RPing with people playing cross-genders, then move along and find someone who doesn't care. Its a big virtual world...no reason to fight over the small things.....
  3. If you are in an exclusive relationship, why stress out by sneaking around? Either ask to take it Open or leave the relationship and remain unattached until you have successfully glutted your sex-drive and have a shot at staying with one person. Most likely, if you ask for an open relationship you will wind up single anyway........ Stable relationships require trust in the other persons integrity, if you feel that you sexual needs are leading you to stray - then free the person who expects you to be loyal from their false assumption and go do what you need to without deception.
  4. Ok, glad i read the thread. i had seen someone in another thread soliciting people who wanted him to perform that service on them.....but as you are not really looking for that I will not direct him here :-d
  5. There is a place called New Lansing City that seems to mix furries with other folk in a "suspend disbelief" environment. Its a new sim thats mostly First Responder stuff right now, but they bill themselves as a roleplay sim and maybe if you get in on the ground floor you can influence how play develops?
  6. +sigh+ After it gets out that people are exchanging "favors" for forum responses, we'll be overwhelmed with love-seeking people posting to almost anything just to get the prize..... Of course, Forums will look a lot more popular.....
  7. Hi Del! Feel free to IM me or drop me a notecard with your responses if you don't feel good about posting them here. CJ Farina is my profile name. What kind of sissification are you looking for? "Realistic" as in forced crossdressing and behavioral modification? "Fantasy" as in a sci-fi or mystical switch to a female body? The Transarcadia sim caters to gender-play in a sci-fi setting, and there are probably several individuals and groups who would be interested in sissification play. Drop me a line and we can chat!
  8. Myst, you might find some help within the SL "Switchers" group - which is oriented towards people whose SL gender is opposite of Real Life.
  9. Trying to take a virtual relationship into Real Life is probably the text book example of a Bad Idea.
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