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  1. Anyone happen to know where I can get this hair from: Thank you!!
  2. Hello!! I recently came back in Second Life after being gone for about 4 years and it's getting quite lonely. I am looking for someone who wants to have a stable, fun and serious relationship in Second Life and Real Life. I am 34 years old so looking for someone around that age. I am Heterosexual and live in Canada. I do not mind long distance relationships. I love going to shopping events, clubbing, exploring and/or just hanging out. If you wish to know more about me, please contact me inworld (which is the same name), I am very bad at keeping track with the forum. Pleasure to
  3. Hello! As the title says, I recently just came back into the game. I stopped playing in 2014 and lost all my friends. Second Life is a lonely place without friends around and I might be looking for more if there's something that happens though I do not keep my real life and second life separate. I love going to shopping events, clubbing, exploring shopping districts and just hanging out. I just got my bento mesh had and bento body which was a nightmare to do but now could use more clothes and most of the stores I once knew closed down. You can IM me inworld anytime. My name is t
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