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  1. Very nice plot! Good luck selling it :] .
  2. Hi! I have finally gotten the time to share my home with everyone! I will probably be making a few posts, so please bare with me :). I LOVE landscaping and interior design. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do xx.
  3. Hi there! I do landscaping and especially love Japanese/asian culture. I also love creating forests! I can show you inworld. Contact amorphisly
  4. FOR SALE! 2000 LINDEN! QUICK SALE! YOU OWN THE WATER IN FRONT OF YOUR HOME, AND THE LAND! 2048M2 AND 703 PRIMS!!! GREAT DEAL! SAIL TO THE SEA! Just need to downsize. Thanks for looking! This is really a once in a great while find! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Jindalrae/61/238/26 Any questions, message amorphisly
  5. Hi there, I can help! I love to decorate! Contact me on SL. Amorphisly
  6. Hi! I was wondering how much you would charge to make a few tattoos for maitreya?
  7. Nice water plot 1568m2 with 538 prims. Beautiful protected sunset! A must see. 2,000 linden OBO. Thanks for looking! Contact Amorphisly with any questions. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Seonhan/153/112/21
  8. Hello all, and thank you for looking! This is am AMAZING rental that you don't want to miss. PROTECTED SUNSET, and next to sailable waters! 200 Linden a week, with only 5 extra prims, as the house is pre-furnished. Beautiful decorations, huge windows, a nice little yard you can enjoy any time of day in! You will have the option to change the music on the rental if you choose, and I will be providing a security orb! Please do not miss this opportunity, check it out for yourself! Happy renting. xx FOR MORE INFO, CONTACT AMORPHISLY http://maps.secondlife.com/
  9. Hello fellow SLers! I have a friend that has been unable to log into his SL via Firestorm for two days now. When he first started getting it, it was telling him his password was wrong...Which it was not, as he is able to access the SL website. Then a new popup started to show today, which I have NO Idea what to do to help him with this one... I am submitting the image down below! We have tried everything so far... (Restarts, cache, uninstall, reinstall, different viewers etc). But, to no avail! I would totally appreciate it if someone could help me figure out this issue for him! Th
  10. I have for sale 1536 M2 with 527 prims!!! Flat grass land, by ocean. 2000 lindens! Great deal! don't miss it! PLUS low lag!! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sawsnake/207/75/34
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