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  1. OMG i have big problem, can you help me to get money from acount, i have big mistaken order, now i wanna change back
  2. hi Lindal Kidd thanks you for yr reply, i used the webpage of secondlife to order with the realistic 264 per $1 USD. I back to the dashboard page following your instruction, if i have the $usd balance so i dont need to add the bank card on right? how to get back my usd I just add my card and ot claim money from my bank :XD Hope you can share Lovelyshelly
  3. Dear I have bought the lindens on web in best rate buy, it say something around 30 days to have linden, but untill now i m not see my lindents yet that i ahve paid Time my order is 2019-07-31 05:14:14 Looking for your feedback and thanks Lovelyshelly
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