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  1. Beach for sale, nice region "New Tolmussen" Pictures shows how neighborhood looks like Objects will come as Copy/Modify but no transfer, all but boat. If you like objects, please remember to take it to inventory, before deleting it Some neighboring parcels are abandoned land, so you can extend your land if you prefer. Land is in moderate region and can be teraformed. You can see parcel here. Price is 3.499 L$
  2. You are right Blush thanks for correcting me
  3. we are talking about that both arms or feet have different texture, and we agreed that it is not possible without skin maker involved in tattoo creation, or to have skin as universal layer Basically LL never intended that tattoo can be different, since universal do not respond to cloth layering and lays on top of already baked skin, tattoo, underwear, shirts, cloth.... It is clear that intention was to be able to have asymmetrical last layer on top of everything But even that is questionable since you can't make it in a single universal layer, you will need 2 at least
  4. yes with a skin it can be done, but than BoM is unusable for changing skin and baking it, not to mention that not many do have textures of actual favorite skin to make universal, so for now there is no way that we can make standalone universal tattoo and expect to work as intended, to have 2 different patterns on right and left arms or legs And LL called it in universal "tattoo's" slots
  5. I made my body and made onion layer for left arm and leg and there is 0 glitching, underlying skin layer is mask mode and onion for left is blend mode Basically only possible way to make left arm/leg is to have dedicated face for it, and onion is the only solution for a tattoo, but there is a bug in there since you can't have regular tattoo than since it will show it on left arm as baked on skin layer. Does not matter if it is universal applied to upper and left, or universal only to left and regular tattoo layer So basically LL gave us something that is called in universal layer Left arm Tattoo and Left leg tattoo that actually can't support tattoo's to be separate on left and right
  6. In fact if a mesh body and its skin layer that is using BoM, is not set to masking, you will not be able to use system clothing alphas
  7. @Blush Bravin well welcome to BoM world where alpha masking is your best friend, you are still thinking "onion" way, where it glitches and yes masking do look wierd, but with BoM all of that is baked on server and served to viewer as one image so no glitching and ....
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