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  1. Beach for sale, nice region "Ten Pages" Pictures shows how neighborhood looks like Objects will come as Copy/Modify but no transfer, all but no boat and palms If you like objects, please remember to take it to inventory, before deleting it Almost all neighboring parcels are abandoned land, so you can extend your land if you prefer. Land is in moderate region and can be teraformed You can see parcel here
  2. Moderate, 351 prims all objects will come to you as Copy/Mod No transfer except boat No tier for premium, land is in quiet zone, surrounded by small patches of abandoned land, so if you like, you can extend parcel Perfect for swim, sail or simply enjoy nice sunsets. Land can be seen here. Price is 3499 L$
  3. on Route 12, drivable all objects included on sale, will come to you as Copy/Modify/No Transf. Vehicle is not on sale. If you like objects, take a copy before you delete them. Land is modify, and it's perfect for free tier 1024 sqm, 351 prims You can check parcel here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Weederman/82/8/36 Price is 2499L$
  4. Beautiful moderate piece of land on Route 12, drivable, you can see it here. Virtually no lag, since only 1 more parcel on region, that isn't used, and everything else is abandoned land around you. All objects that you see except vehicle will be Copy/Mod to you after land purchase , but no Transf. Land can be teraformed and all objects deleted, but take a copy if you like them, before you delete them. Further up the road is a rezzbox and some trees
  5. Beautiful parcel 1024 sqm, you can see it at: Streaminsky on top of the hill by Route 12, parcel is by the road so you can enjoy in endless driving. Parcel is surrounded with abandoned land, so no issue with high walls or tall buildings that will prevent you from using your land. All objects can stay on parcel or you can return them Images are taken with 4096 m draw distance so you can see neighborhood
  6. You can look parcel at Bishops Wall Beach is surrounded by abandoned land so you will not have issues with neighbors and ugly walls or tall buildings that makes your home unusable. As you can see in pictures you can put decor on abandoned land so you will have 1024 sqm for your needs and still have nice surroundings Parcel has linden waters on west side, land is modifiable so you can make what you want, or even sail on Price is 2999 L$ for 1024sqm, you can keep objects or return them Pictures are taken with 4096 m draw distance, so you can see that there is nice and good looking neighborhood
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