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  1. Thanks Jamie for sharing that information. I was looking for some tattoo's much like yours...Nice!!! checked your profile and and Pick.. I had no idea anyone was even doing these types of tattoo's on here, all my searching and never could come across anything even remotely like these. I have two sleeve designs I really have wanted for my avi. And don't worry about the forum troll, ones like him just bring their RL issues on here. Much like the adgae "Misery likes company"
  2. having hosted at a few clubs with contest I try to run a fair one. One way I have weeded out alts... If I even suspect someone has dropped in an alt or FEW I compare the profiles. What I have found is that MANY hop club to club with trheir alts to rig the contests in their favor. Sooooo, what many fail to do is HIDE their groups. I cannot tell you how many times I have compared profiles on suspected alts and seen the EXACT same groups listed and in many cases in the same order too,. When I am sure I have a guilty party I take it a step further.. ..... I'll IM each and just say hello, thanks
  3. Uh probably cause you both are cut from the same cloth.Bitter over a break up?
  4. You presumed wrong just as they did. The Assumption of any rl get together was entirely theirs. I made it known that i don,t do things like that fro day 1.All it was to be wa s a THING on SL between us two. If they became too emtionally attached thzts on them. So to take your line of reasoning I nor anyone else can start a realationship in RL while with someone on sl.How stupid.
  5. I used Singlarity on my Macbook Pro.just beawre that using any of these viewers for extended periods on a Macbook WILL fry your motherboard. I learned the Hard way. The video card on macbooks get HOT QUICK> I strongly suggest that you use one of the cooler pads with the fans under your mc to cool it off. otherwise you can find yourself with a repair bill of 900 like I did, to replace the MB. I no longer use my MAc for SL. I got a decent used comp just for that purpose. mac's are just too expensive.
  6. thank you all. I pretty much know what the TOS and all states but I wanted to be doubly sure. I did file as my personal RL info was given to mutal friends by here . she denies but yet THEY had no idea WHOM I was in RL until today .she even told them my RL Facebook page and twitter, etc . All happened in world. People have no need to play into drama but when they flat out tell you that someone you were with is now sharing your RL details in open chat, via IM,s then there really is no denying it. I said my peace at the end, wished them the best and moved on, unfortuneately Bitterness, Jealousy
  7. I had to call off a relationship with someone recently because I found someone in RL that I wanted to be with and we start seeing eachother. Well the person I was with on SL did not take it well as it wS cutting into "OUR TIME" They thought we were exclusive and were under the notion that we were going to be together in the future in RL,which is ridiculous as I,m in the US, they in the UK. I was not going to be told I could not be with someone in RL and broke off our relationship on SL. well you know the drama..... depsite my sayiing NO SHARING of any IM,s OR personal RL info they w
  8. Syo, could you PLEASE tell me how to mute certain gestures that other people use? If I have to hear that inspidid Giggling Baby gesture one more time I swear I,m going to lose my mind up in here,up in here
  9. I FORGOT!!! need to find where and How I find chat log. HELP!
  10. If your grammar is any indication of your griefing abilities then SL is safe from the likes of you
  11. give me a few hours of googling and I,m sure the CURRENT RESEARCH I find will Refute yours
  12. Anyone whom has the innate need to use the first person singular that many times is not only grandiose but most likely egotistical. Ask a therapist.
  13. LOL. Sorry I was maybe a bit wrong with my choice of word. Anyone that has to use "I" 13 times in two short paragraphs is grandiose
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