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  1. Thank you so much for the speedy reply.
  2. So my account is in the process of being downgraded back to basic user at the end of this month; I was curious as to what happens to the groups I am in above the basic user limit? ( premium gives extra group slots and I filled a few of them with new groups). Will SL randomly pick groups to remove me from or do I get to stay in the groups I am already in above the limit? I was wondering as there a few I have to be in to maintain access to group permed items and sims. Thank you in advance.
  3. Application Age:20 Experience: I have currently only been on SL for 8 days ,but already grasp the basic function required by the game. I am willing to learn new things. I have experience in public relations. I get along well with people and am normally good at solving conflicts. Currently looking for employment as security or some form of public relations ie: host/personal greeter. I can give employer 5 hrs a day and am very flexible schedule wise. I am also willing to do interveiws if necessary. (if interested in giving me an interveiw PM me on my second life wall and i will reply asap with my skype contact information.) Thank you for your consideration. Silverwaves.
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