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  1. So ever since last night. I'll log on and I will get the "your clothing is still loading" and my friends list also says (Loading) by every picture. My settings should not be a problem. It could be my firewall settings but I have no idea what every thing should be checked as in windows fire wall (Public, private, etc.) Please help I have tried relogging multiple times but nothing really seems to load atleast not for like 10 minutes but I usually load in like 1 second.
  2. So today I noticed speak wasnt working so I tried to change the input to my microphone and ever since I did that there has been no sound AT ALL. I even switched it back to the original settings. Nothing. I have looked at every possible setting you name It the settings are perfectly fine but there still is absolutely no sound. im using SL viewer btw. I tried Phoenix too. No sound. I uninstalled...reinstalled but guess what? still...no sound! any help?
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