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  1. I bought a bed set. My animations or poses work fine on the seat at foot of bed, but on the bed itself my avi hovers in a seated position or is sunk inside the bed. My window seat has a button that says poses and when I click it it just tells me to sit on the cushions... whether I'm already sitting there or not. Again she hovers way above the surface of the cushions. HELP!! I already de-scripted my hair and removed AOs, so ?? Is it because I'm on group land?
  2. I deciphered it without a translater, lol. They said, they hate the new chat system, they are now using Firestorm, even tho they don't really like it, because it's still better than this new chat all-in-one thing.
  3. It's the worst thing SL has ever done to me!! My avi cannot move when the new chat box pops up, which is constant at clubs, etc. I cannot post pics in my profile, because every time the chat pops back up my comments are going in chat instead of on my profile. It's confusing, difficult, and a HORRIBLE change. Please, PLEASE... put it back the way it was. Or at LEAST give us a way to choose to use the old system or the new. This is just impossible and I am now avoiding clubs and group situations because of it.
  4. Hello, I am trying to learn about RP cuz I'm interested in starting, but have never done it. How do you stay in character if you're in a mood that day to be different?? I'm beginning to think I'm borderline Bipolar, lol.
  5. I feel like I would evolve the way you're talking about too. I've never done rp and would like to in a celtic or victorian place. Are there certain roles that I choose from, or ... how much do I need to know about that time period? Would like to learn BEFORE I head in there, lol.
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