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  1. Yep - JIRAs are open and the bug of the day, https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-3694 is still open. @Linda - once a bug report has been triaged, you can no longer vote on it - BUT you can watch it. As this bug is still on the "active" list, LL can see the interest in getting this fixed by monitoring the number of "watches". So i highly recommend that those who are interested, watch this item. That being said, I know that Monty Linden is working on this - and this is no easy fix. It basically will require a re-write of some of the viewer bones. So kudos to Monty for taking this on - I have faith in him. All that being said, while waiting for the fix, I have discarded Flash from all of my TVs and media prims. I download my favorite Flash videos from YouTube, convert them to mp4 or m4v and send them to my server. Problem solved. :-)
  2. Ha! I live 20 miles from the San Andreas fault and I love the screen shakeup. First warning scares me half to death, but then I stick around for 3 more before casually strolling to the next region. I love LL's sense of humor. :matte-motes-smitten:
  3. As of 9:00pm SLT, it looks like stipends begain going out again. It is 9:41pm and my premium accounts that start with "T" just got their stipends. So all is well in the land of SL. And hopefully for everyone, not just me. :matte-motes-smile: Thank you Lindens for working on this all day long! I noticed another set of rolling restarts, so I know you all have had your work cut out for you today. Thanks again! *Off to go shopping for my guy*
  4. Hi ya. LL posted in another thread about this. They say they are working on it. So maybe today we will see the stipend... http://community.secondlife.com/t5/General-Discussion-Forum/I-have-not-received-my-weekly-Lindens/td-p/2740388
  5. Yay!! Thank you for updating us. To slow down the flood of support requests you are most likely getting, you might want to put this on the grid status page... It should qualify, no? Thanks again!
  6. Alphabetical... that explains a lot. I have 5 premium accounts and the one that got paid starts with an "H". That'll teach me to have too many alts that have names in the R-T range. I need to load-balance next time... :matte-motes-wink:
  7. For the first time - ever - I have not received my stipend. Neither have the 20+ people I've talked with since yesterday. Maybe this coincides with the maintenance done yesterday morning?? Anyway - no report shows up on the grid, so I agree with submitting a support request. It is rare, but stipends have been delivered on Wednesdays due to maintenance issues. If you haven't received your stipend by Thursday though, defintely submit a support request.
  8. I'm sorry I am so late to the party - you may have already finished your vacation by now. But to throw this in: I have an ancient iBook G4 that I use as a "travel computer" - just for email, storing pics, podcasts, web access, etc. - and just wanted a version of the SL viewer so I could "check in". Viewing mesh, etc. wasn't that important to me. So I found it. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Old_versions WAY back when, we had Snowglobe. Go to that site I gave you and scroll all the way down until you get to the Snowglobe section, then download each version of Snowglobe (starting at the last version), going backward through versions until you find one that will launch. I found that I could run ver. 1.23.2995 . On a G4. How awesome. Is it pretty? No. BUT it is functional. And if your travel computer is as old as mine, this will serve you nicely. Have a great day! :catvery-happy: Edit: Oh, P.S. I run Leopard (OS X 10.5) on the iBook - hence Snowglobe. If you CAN run Snow Leopard (10.6), then the current crop of SL Viewers should work. Snowglobe is for those who are stuck with OS X 10.5 or older, or are on a PowerPC machine.
  9. An update for you guys... I submitted a customer service report because I like to have a paper trail before submitting a JIRA. Elijah Linden was really nice (and helpful) and asked if I could submit a bug report - since it IS a bug with the SL and compatible viewers and must be addressed by Linden Lab, not Adobe. So I filed a bug report here: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-5368 It was quickly closed and marked as a duplicate of BUG-3694, which is not viewable by the public. We can't comment on it or add to it. So LL knows about the bug - they are just not providing any feedback as to the status of it getting fixed. And judging by the Agile board, it looks like they are running a little over a year with backlog, so I have no idea when this will get fixed. :catsad: So I tried... Short of submitting an identical bug report every month and possibly getting banned by the JIRA, I'm not sure what to do. I would love to stream the VWBPE keynotes inworld (and I'm in education... All of my users/students are on a Mac), but this bug is making it a bit tough to "be impressive" in SL. *Sigh* EDIT: And now BUG-3694 is public. Thank you!! :catvery-happy: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-3694
  10. Now that we're on version 12.0 of the plug-in, I thought that maybe this was fixed. As it is, I can see static .flv videos just fine, but run into the same problems (can HEAR, but screen is black) as before when when attempting to view .swf streams. This means that Metaverse TV is off the air in my inworld house - and it's just not the same to have to launch Firefox to watch it. Just sayin'. ;-) I submitted a customer service report to LL this morning and will see what they say before submitting a bug report. I truly think this is a bug though and would love to see this addressed.
  11. Czari Zenovka wrote: ETA: I vote for Torley Linden as the next CEO! I would like to second that vote. Torley has done more for Second Life than any CEO so far. :matte-motes-big-grin: And while we're at it, there are several Lindens I would like to have back from that awful mass layoff back when. ETA: And surnames! "Resident" as a last name is just dumb. :matte-motes-silly: I've been here 7 years now. And I truly wish that LL board members would take a walk in SL and really understand the product from the customers' perspective. Then - hire someone who can fill that requirement. This is a social platform - we need a social CEO who can speak with residents. This is a creative platform - we need a CEO who understands the boundless creativity that lives in SL and directs the improvement of tools that will make it better. I think Rod came closer than previous CEOs, but for God's sake, this is Silicon Valley - is there NO ONE who can complete Philip's vision AND run a company without looking at its premier product as a funding source for failed projects? All that being said, I really liked Rod and wish him all of the best. It is possible that the board is responsible for him leaving so soon. But that is just speculation. *Getting off the soapbox now. Thanks for listening.* :matte-motes-wink:
  12. Perrie Juran wrote: I do not ever remember an Educational section. That must have been a long time ago in a far off world. Yep. The last Education forum I remember was started in 2005 and closed in 2010 (the year everything fell apart). It is still in the archives here: http://forums-archive.secondlife.com/208/1.html It's great to see the forum again! I hope the education community comes back and re-creates what was started way back when.
  13. Perrie Juran wrote: Qie Niangao wrote: Some of us Zindra folks wanted to start a ferry service to add a little life to the (quite nice) waterfront along the river and west coast of that continent, with scheduled stops at the Mosh "Port of Kama City," the Gilda/Oritz InfoHub, and various other highlights of Zindra's extensive public builds. The problem was that the water and road network is all (with a tiny exception) set No Object Entry. Thinking this an oversight, I emailed one of the Lindens then in charge of Adult content issues (not Blondin, for those with long memories, but I don't want to name who it was here), asking if this could be fixed. I got an email response: Object Entry was intentionally disabled on Zindra public lands and water to avoid the problems with AnnMarie's vehicles specifically. That's fine; I have more than enough other things to keep me busy in Second Life, and my interest in Zindra has waned over time. (Yeah, I might have kept that interest if I had a Zindra ferry service to keep running, but meh: I've plenty of other stuff to do). And it's not as if a ferry would have made a massive difference to Zindra's appeal. So no great loss. I understand the unintended consequence. I don't know if there is a win - win solution for everyone because peoples interests can be in conflict. Ann wants to run her vehicles. I don't want them littering my property. It would only take me a few seconds to clean them off my property if they got stuck there which is no big deal BUT until I get there it renders my parcel unsightly and unenjoyable. I know my solution is an extreme. Really, my point is that the owner of an object needs to take responsibility for their object. ... and I agree with both of you. The problem is that - no, Qie, it's NOT fine that you had to give up a ferry service because inadequate scripting on the part of ONE resident caused an entire continent to be affected. I guess this is where it "is my business." It is also the business of every resident affected by this. It is pretty funny though, that when poor scripters get called out on their badly behaving objects, they resort to the "it's only a game!" and "stop griping about ME having fun!" rhetoric. I always have to laugh at that. So, for everyone's entertainment, I am posting a link to a Yavascript Pod Tours video, taken on the lovely Sansara Continent. Now THIS is the best scripting I have ever seen. Graceful, navigates well, stays on its side of the road. It is phantom and also handles region crossings with ease. Perfect. At the 6:25 mark, the pod encounters one of AnnMarie's ice cream trucks (stuck on the opposite side of the road) and, right after that, one of her other vehicles (stuck at the region crossing). I have yet to see one of these pods get permanently stuck. And if one does, it derezzes. So, since I don't believe in complaining without offering a solution to the problem, how about this - contact the owner of the Yavascript vehicles, buy his/her script, and put that into the vehicles that are getting stuck all over SL. Problem solved. :-) And after that happens, we can petition LL and tell them the "no entry" issue has been solved and Zindra can be opened once again. Matter of fact, why can't the Yavascript Pod be the standard for automated travel in SL. Clearly this person got it right.
  14. The Yavascript Pods, the Paradise Jeep tours, the ferry, and the SLRR on Atoll Continent are all AWESOME. And fun I might add. ;-)
  15. Have you actually looked at the pics people have submitted regarding vehicle pile-ups? Have you read the reports from residents who have been chased by or shot at by one of your vehicles? That's fun? Really? My approach has always been to solve the problem. When one person intentionally or accidentally creates a problem for many people, then the problem needs to get fixed. I know we both agree on that one. "My problem" begins when you declare to the forum that you are no longer responsible for your vehicles, that the problem falls onto us, and that you have full LL support. Now it becomes a community problem. It's not just me - I see quite a few people here who would like you to fix the problem. My enjoyment of SL is compromised when I go to land I pay for and I see your objects stuck on my land. Doesn't get any more complicated than that. Has nothing to do with prim count or lag. I don't really care about the ugly "in-air" houses in the area. Why? Cause they are not on my land. It's really simple and I really do not understand why you don't get why people don't want your unwanted objects on their land. So please be the professional that you are (and I suppose you are since since you state that you work so closely with the DPW and your objects affect thousands of residents' experiences in SL every moment) and listen to your fellow residents. You sort of chose to be in the public spotlight when you made these things. So i'd hope that public opinion would help you to make a better product so we can ALL have fun in SL.
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