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  1. http://picturepush.com/public/12307047 Heres An Image of the Alpha Issue
  2. Ok So the sound thing isnt really an issue i updated my drivers and it has occasional glitches but other then that it's good.. The only thing that is really on my nerves is the Alpha Layer thing.
  3. Hello All, So there's a few issues I've been experiencing since I got my new windows 8 computer last night. Firstly Alpha Layers Tend to glitch out quite a bit, I'm able to see bits of my body/hands/feet For All mesh clothing that I never had any issues with. Choppy Voice Chat- This ones a main concern of mine because I use voice chat a lot! And I was wondering if anyone else was having these issues and know if there is anything I can do to fix these problems or just have to bare with it? Any Help Would be greatly Appreciated!! Thanks In Advance Vivider Resident
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