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  1. I agree, wholeheartedly. The increase of Premium fee is perfectly fine, and honestly, I was expecting this to happen long ago. The increase of cashout fee is completely unfair though. If Second Life has an economy, it's also because content creators spend time and effort to create beautiful content that keeps LL customers operational in their platform. Many people are making a living off SL, and it's not the right decision to simply remove a chunk of their earned profit. I have seen benefits being mentioned, but, what is their beneficial extent? We have new Linden Homes, yet their number is limited, and most of Premium Subscribers still are waiting for one, Animesh in their current state, are excessively primy objects, more groups isn't a big deal at the moment. People (yes, we are real people) like Janire are the reason why this fee increase is completely not justified. Janire has been using her SL income to help others in RL, to ensure stray animals would find a home, and now, part of this might not be possible anymore, for some hard-to-explain reason.
  2. Greetings :) I need to buy a Private Region, full sim, full prim. I am not looking a rent, but a region to buy, including the transfer. Please IM me or reply to this message if you are interested.
  3. Greetings. I am looking for buying a full sim. Nothing more than $250 with transfer fee. If possible tier to be due at least 2-3 weeks. If you are interested please IM me inworld, if you are not, thank you for reading :)
  4. Thank you both and especially Gaia for the details..I will be working on a AO the..creating a walking animation produced a decent result so far
  5. Hello everyone! :) I recently got a copy of Avastar and I tried to follow the tutorial of how to create a rigged quadruped. I have followed it step by step but when I upload it to SL the front arms are crossed. Is there a way to make it have a quadruped stance without building an AO? Thank you for your answers and/or interest! :)
  6. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nexus%20Isle/170/118/25
  7. Hello, I'm answering on behalf of brookie since she is currently busy in RL and won't be able to reply until some hours. The sim is called Nexus Isle, you can easily find it via "search" button. I would give you the exact LM but I fear it may TP you in my house *chuckles*. I currently am not in the sim so I can't write down the exact SLurl, but I will be editing this message later. I hope you may like the sim, and if it happens to find Brookie or Me, pleas IM us for a sim tour
  8. As far as cocerns Pirate RP, I do advice you the Blake Sea/Flotsam town. You can also find lots of free useful items, those are from AleyMart marketplace, do take a look there
  9. Using other's works without permission, get someone else to fix them. What a lazy way to rip off people and earn Lindens. Thank you very much for showing his Marketplace, as far as i know he's not the only one around.
  10. Yes. There is a freebie kiosk in the town, with free items useful to start with
  11. Hello Megan, Little Yoshiwara may be the answer for your needs! it is a japanese sim settled in Edo era with active rp groups. Geisha school has been the first and still is, the most important group within the sim. New members will start a training step by step, from minarai to maiko and, finally, geisha. You will be performing in shows, during odori or inside the ochaya. The sim is M rated, to focus on the artistical value of a geisha (since the word literally means "entertainer"). If you are interested I suggest you to have a look at the sim first (you should first be sure that you like the place, to enjoy it even more), then check the various RP info columns at the rez point, with all the informations needed We hope to see you soon Kadaj Yoshikawa SLurl to Little Yoshiwara: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Milarepa/133/106/44
  12. In Little Yoshiwara there are six traditional Japanese shrines. In their training, a Miko (priestess) has to choose two shrines to work in. Little Yoshiwara is either a rp and cultural sim, where the lore plays an important part. If you feel like visiting in, I left the SLurl in my first comment
  13. Hello Venefica, what kind of priestess would you like to be? If I may suggest, you can try Little Yoshiwara, a japanese town set in Edo era. There are a lot of active RolePlay group for every need: Geisha School, Samurai School, Zen School and Shinto School, where Miko (shinto priestess) are trained to perform rituals, know about mythology and much much more. Have a look at the sim and ask about it http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Milarepa/131/108/44
  14. Hello community! I am planning to start a breedable activity, and I am looking for a small parcel that allows them. A small parcel around 512-1000 sqm would be perfect. I am also looking for a good price (who isn't? hehe), possibly around 1L$ per prim. Please, feel free to contact me either via IM or by answering this thread. Thank you very much :)
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