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  1. Every weekend (while the Lindens are resting) someone dumps 400-500 full-perm items into the marketplace. The store name is the same as the previous weekend and it is all scammed stuff - with the contents not all matching the picture (as mentioned in many of the reviews and just looking at the contents). They get taken down as soon as the folks come to work on the West Coast, but my real question is how on earth do they do so many listings so quickly? At the very least it would take a long time just to tag a picture with an item. Do they use a script? Just curious.
  2. Yay! Fixed for me and it maintained the relevance ranking - all I had to do was make them active again (after checking them)
  3. I just saw the same a couple of days ago - several relogs fixed it finally
  4. I don't know about other methods, but the Caspervend system lets you set store-wide discounts (in world only)
  5. I think it is the same merchant as all of the things have the same exact keywords - skirt, top or shoes, it doesn't matter. There is another clothing merchant that ranks up there as well and also uses the same exact keywords....
  6. Is it possible that the wrong item permissions were listed? Every once in a while, I will see a gacha item listed with full permissions, when in fact they are transfer only. That also can be flagged.
  7. Within an hour of my last post - the payout arrived - 4 business days all told
  8. Well, color me disappointed. I submitted a cash out on Sunday night - but as of Thursday afternoon - nada! Perhaps it was the Sunday thing?
  9. I am seeing delivery failures as well - the bulk of them started on March 24. Quite a few in the past 2 days. I also see a few partial delivery failure, but have no idea what that means.
  10. i understand the issue of keyword spam - clearly - I was trying to point out how the search algorithm has changed to focus on the product name, not the keyword field. As a test, I took one of my products named "Exclusively Eve - Dangerous Curves" and changed the name to "Eve Mesh - Dangerous Curves - evemesh". For this particular product, evemesh, has always been in the keywords. Before the name change, the product showed up at about 400+ in the search using the single word 'evemesh' as the search term. After changing the product name, it shows up as number 3. My note is that the potential for keyword spam will change from the keyword field to the product name field. So is the "Eve Mesh - Dangerous Curves - evemesh" name keyword spam? Try the search term with evemesh on the beta and then the production MP.
  11. The search seems vastly improved from the first cut - thanks! I did notice that the search term seems to focus first on the product name rather than the keyword field. For example, everyone that sells item for the Eve mesh avatar puts 'evemesh' in the keyword field and customers are instructed to search using 'evemesh'. That search now produces much better results, but the items listed first under relevance all have evemesh or eve mesh in the product name. I could see that leading to spamming the product name with keywords rather than using the keyword field. In my test, the first 250 items or so listed all have some variant of evemesh in the product name. Right after those 250 are a bunch of things with 'mesh' in the product name, including a whole bunch of men's clothes which I am sure do not use the keyword evemesh, then finally after about 350 listings, the products with evemesh as the keyword (and not in the product name) begin to show up. I tried putting evemesh in quotes, but the results were the same. I wish I had a suggestion but search algorithms are way beyond me. --||-
  12. Wow! Said merchant must have set a record for reviews - a quick perusal shows that more that 80% (perhaps higher) of the items have a review attached to them and most are 5 star. Many products, even new ones have muitlple reviews, 4 to 8. I wish I had that kind of feebback... :smileywink:
  13. I am now left wondering how the relevance works - most of the merchants that sell products for the Eve mesh avatar use the word evemesh as a keyword. Searching using evemesh brings up a good number of results, but the results seem to be grouped largely by designer. All of my things are in very close proximity to one another and then best sellers do not seem to be ranked any higher than one or another. Even after looking through over 1,000 listings (very slowly) I have yet to find the actual Eve body (also coded with evemesh) which I am sure outsells any single product. On the other hand, usng the regular MP search, the Eve bodies and other products from the Eve creator show up in the first 50 listings. So what on earth does relevance mean? Will this lead to more, not less, keyword gaming?
  14. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-10003
  15. It is not so much the migration, but the actual creation of the structure in world. I can repeat Madeline's issue by dragging a folder with subfolders to the VMM window and the subfolders show up as version folders. I have filed a bug with screenshots at: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VMM-95
  16. I agree 100% Madeline - I use subfolders in my products to keep things organized and I have the exact same experience as you, a new product folder is created and I have to manually move them. This is a big issue for migration! Heading over to the jira to see if it has been reported.
  17. A quick question on the migration - I have about 800 items in my MP and another 200 or so currently my the VMM folder which I started using with the first beta. When the migration takes place, will it create 800 new folders with all of the contents in my VMM folder in my inventory? This will make my inventory huge, but I understand as long as an individual folder isn't too large, then everything is ok.
  18. My biggest whoops was wearing an item that was in the Marketplace folder (I had used the project viewer to upload and then switched to Firestorm). This caused a delivery failure - so it means that if I want to wear some of my own clothes, I need to dupllcate the MP folder somewhere else in my inventory and wear the item from the copy. Am I missing something there?
  19. Here's a summary of what I have found that will trigger a change from G to M - any of these words in description, keywords or features: sexy bikini azz fantasy I think sliks will also trigger - but those should remain moderate anyway.
  20. Ok - this is how rediculous this is - if you have Bikini in your keywords, it will trigger a change from G to M - however, the category is Apparel > Women's > Women's Swimwear > Women's Bikinis - which is fine! Does anyone even think about this stuff?
  21. I can just see some 13-year old kid running a MP search for 'multiple AO's' Why the MP team simply can't communicate with the merchants is beyond me - at the very least let us know this is coming. I can (partly) see why they don't share the list, as some will try and game it. If they at least shared it, through, some common sense may prevail. There are far worse things going on in the MP than mulitple AO's and Azzes
  22. Well then - here is one offending word: "AZZ" as in Phat Azz - Phat is fine - Azz is not - so any product with appliers for the defunct Phat Azz have been affected - :catspin:
  23. The weekend is here and the Commerce Team is running a scan on product listings and automatically changing the maturity ratings on products. Unlike last time, they are not delisting things, but roughly 20% of my products have changed from General to Mature. I, for the life of me, cannot figure out what the trigger is and some things that have changed make no sense whatsoever. I have a Queen of Pop outfit that is now listed M - for what reason I do not know. Why on earth does the MP team keep this a secret - launch it on the weekend and let the merchants discover on their own what the game is. They sure are not helping the merchants. How about they spend more time looking for ripped merchandise and taking it down. It only takes a couple of minutes to peruse through new item listings and see the copybotted skins that popup everyday that still use the orginal makers artwork. For goodness sakes, the MP is painful at best. What a poor operation.
  24. OMG - that is it - Lolas is fine - Lola is not - (Also Lola's works)
  25. I have tested it now - the single word 'Lola' is the trigger and changing it to adult still does not allow it to be listed.
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