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  1. Meant to mention... And since I have 2 pathfinding dogs, I was a little OCD with wrapping practically every tree trunk, big rock, ground, etc with invisible prims. I like walking thru my lil forest and having to go around trees vs thru them... or be able to stand on big rocks or the ground without stepping right thru 'em & ending up underneath... Same with the parcel border of trees, fence, or grass (on the 3 non-LL protected sides) -- so people fly over rather than thru them... Also, my sheepdog will occasionally pee on a tree, so I wouldn't hug a tree if I were you... 😂 I subdivided the parcel, mainly so I could have different Windlight settings for different areas. It's sunny on the beach for tanning, it's dawn/sunrise by the yoga mats to start the day off right, the night fog clears up in/around the lil cabin, and it's a beautiful sunset view when in the pool or looking out of the windows of my house. A little OCD, I know... Just a teensie bit. 😘
  2. It's a Roost home, "Uplands Fold" pool version... Its walls, floors, etc are tintable.
  3. That's subjective. Who determines that the available first gen homes are of equal or greater value than the new ones? You? Linden Labs? Maybe your definition of "equal or greater value" differs from mine. And if you speak of the Linden housing market and comps, well then technically the 1st gen aren't worth much or else you wouldn't have a ton of empty/abandoned ones... But hey, at least they don't look ghetto, compared to the boarded up, abandoned homes in RL.
  4. In that regard, that's true -- there's no actual promises made as to what kind of house will be made available, just that there will be one available. I stand corrected on that part. But the fact remains that they advertise that you can have your own Linden Home, not that they are only providing it to a select few out of all other Premium members. I was merely responding to the question of, "Why are you assuming that all premium account holders would WANT a Linden Home?" -- I don't assume all would want one; I don't see how a limited supply means everyone wants one. But I do expect the option to have one as part of the perks for premium membership... Just as I could care less if people have more than 1 premium account and obtain a Linden home with all of those accts/alts. As far as I'm concerned, they paid for all those premium alts -- the perks apply to them too. Personally, I only have 1 premium (but 2 freebie alts)... And as much as I like the new linden homes, I'm not too worried about other people having one per alt. (They wanna pay for it, that's on them.)
  5. Total of 5120 sqm mainland parcel for rent, with protected sailable waterfront. If you don't have a house of your own, you can use the current house on the parcel or I'd be more than happy to loan a home from my personal inventory. Premium membership not required to rent this parcel, but $$ is! http://slurl.com/secondlife/Chinati/253.833/115.331 (Yes, it's the parcel with the bright pink sky/privacy cover.) If interested, please PM or send a notecard. Thanks~
  6. I'm not assuming all premium account holders would want a Linden Home... The fact is that SL advertises that having your own your Linden Home (if you so choose) is part of the perks of having a Premium member acct, otherwise it's false advertising. Why pay for a Premium acct if the options you were sold on are restricted because supply's limited? That's not the member's fault for believing the ad. That's the seller's fault (Linden) for selling something they don't have. In RL, when someone sells you something that they don't actually have -- I believe that's called Theft, or at the very least -- it's a scam.
  7. Nothing huge, just my buddha/meditation area: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Chinati/214/108/22 And some zen or Tao items/setup, such as working meditation bowls, incense, etc: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Chinati/246/80/25
  8. Cory Edo (now known as Trompe Loeil?) had one once... It was a beautifully made sim. I can't recall if the sim was also named the same, but you might try a search and see what pops up -- if it's still around. There was another one but I can't recall the owner -- Yumi something...
  9. I've played Bloodlines... I have a vamp avie and a human one... I don't like the pyramid scheme aspect of it -- but then, that only applies if you choose to play it as intended. If you don't worry about such things, it's more fun. Also, there was a sim, Sunnydale, based on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and another one that reminded me of Fangtasia from True Blood. I'm sure there are others, you just need to know the ring fangs to find them, or better yet -- stalk them like prey & see it takes you.
  10. Roost Homes made the house -- it's called the Uplands Fold house with pool. There's also a non-pool, deck only version. Roost & Trompe Loeil make nice houses.
  11. Here's my 5120sqm mainland parcel... There's a protected water (river) in front of it and not too many eyesores nearby. LOL It has quite a few areas with different views/recreational activities, so feel free to explore! But please don't be mean to my 2 doggos if they do come up to you and say hi. (One's a sheepdog, the other's a Yorkie - watch your step! lol) BTW, I do prefer darker scenes, but I know not everyone can see in the dark -- so you may have to turn on the LL sun if it's a prob for you... Otherwise, the beach area is definitely sunny once you've stood there for a sec & let the windlight settings catch up to you. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Chinati/254/115/25 If you have any ideas/suggestions on what I can do to make it better, PM me! Thanks~
  12. I don't currently have a new linden home as a premium member, and I have 2 other alts... (Actually, 1 is my fiance's, and the other is my alt.) As much as I would like to have one (or 2) of the new linden homes, I wouldn't ask anyone to give one up. We ALL paid for premium membership, and if you so happen to snatch a linden home for you & your umpteen alts, more power to you. I'm not butt-hurt over that, nor will I find it inconsiderate of you to do so. Those who are asking others to "show some restraint" & not get more than 1 home even though they have more than 1 premium acct? I think that's a very entitled way (on your part) of assuming your needs are more important than others and that you can make such demands over others. After all, if that's what the SL Gods/Moles wanted, then they would limit people to 1 linden home per RL human to begin with -- instead of allowing 1 home per acct/avatar. If someone pays for 20 premium accts, then they are paying for the opportunity to use 20 linden homes -- whether they choose to do so is up to them -- not you, and it doesn't make them more or less "nice" to take advantage of said opportunity. And let's be honest -- the real issue isn't people having several linden homes for their umpteen paid premiums, it's that Linden Labs has been known to move slowly when it comes to pushing out major stuff like these new homes. So the real question is, how long before Linden Labs is able to provide a linden home for each existing premium membership that they currently have on file? It doesn't matter if it's an active acct or hasn't logged in for awhile, if they're paying & current -- then Linden Labs should have already alloted a house for that acct... As a minimum, they should at least create enough to cover the existing premium memberships first, and then more homes can be created as more people join & become premiums. Hopefully, Linden Labs won't take years to release more of the newer homes... Either way, I won't whine, sulk, & demand that someone else give up their new home for me; I'll be in my own mainland home, patiently waiting for the next opportunity...
  13. Premium membership is going up in price to $99 annual, and receives 1024 sqm. (It was $72 annual & 512 sqm.) ...And then of course, there's the 2nd generation Linden homes that are coming out... using the land fees calculator was starting to confuse me, especially when you throw in the "group-owned land" bonus... I currently have 1 premium acct with 5120 sqm mainland, which maxes out my tier at $22 a month. I don't have a linden home but might consider one, once the 2nd gen ones are available again, but anyways -- I digress... Which option would cost less USD $ overall: 1. 1 premium acct at $99 annual, with maxed out 5120 sqm at $22 monthly tier. (This is my current situation.) 2. 2 premium accts at $198 total annual, with the 5120 sqm split between the two (2560 sqm each) -- which falls under the $13 monthly tier each, and then throw in the group-owned land bonus on top. (Does this mean more sqm, more prims, or less tier?) 3. Say screw it -- get rid of the 5120 sqm, get 2 premium accts, and get two 2nd gen linden homes (1 for each acct). 4.Or some other inexpensive alternative that isn't covered in the above...?
  14. Just to give you an example of what was explained above... The biggest benefit to group-owned land is you get a 10% bonus tier. For instance, the LL tier is $15 for up to 2048sqm. Since my land is considered as group-owned (using my own private group), I get to take advantage of the bonus tier -- which allows me to actually own 2560sqm for the same LL tier price of $15. (I basically get more land, more prims, for the same tier price as a privately-owned 2048sqm parcel.) SL offers the use of a calculator to help you figure out costs & sqm available to you within the tier you wish to stay in. Change the numbers and click on the "calculate" or "reset" button to see where you stand. Just make sure that at the bottom of the page under "Update Tier" heading, you don't click the "save" button so as to avoid accidentally upgrading/downgrading your current tier. You'll need to be logged into your SL web account to view/access the Land Use Fees calculator: https://secondlife.com/my/account/landfees.php? Hope this helps! Here's some helpful land ownership links (below)... Mainland pricing & fees table: https://secondlife.com/land/pricing.php Buying Land FAQ: Group-owned Land FAQ:
  15. 2560sqm Mainland (mature) parcel for rent, protected x1 side. Parcel comes with 878 prims & can be terraformed into land or water parcel. Rent is L$950 a week; premium SL account is not needed to rent this parcel. I may be open to selling parcel at the right price - you must have a premium SL account to purchase/own Mainland. IM if interested. Thanks~ SLurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Chinati/215/92/22
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