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  1. Yes, I knew about the treats, the rabbit and the eggs so you can see why I had to look up the religious meaning and significance because there is not connection that I was making.
  2. I usually only see people from Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Europe (UTC to UTC +12) and I have never had any trouble with racism, if I did I am so unaccustomed to it because I live in an international city and we all get along just fine; however I do match up my morning SL time with another countries evening and so many people from Asia and Europe say it's really quiet and peaceful when they go to sleep, I tend to agree and have no friends from said country (I do in RL though). I have however run in to a lot of nationalism during that morning time slot when that country is still out in full force (about 19:00 PST) and "those people" think the entire world revolves around them and their time zone and that the rest of the world cares about their religion, politics and holidays, I cannot tell you how many times I have been told "everyone knows it's Christmas", Thanksgiving or it's Easter (I had to look Easter up) and when I do not know it is followed by disbelief, suspicion, annoyance and even anger in a few cases, what I do know is all of these holidays are just another workday for me! Maybe I should start getting annoyed when people don't know it's Asahna Bucha Day, Songkran or the Kings Birthday! haha just kidding I know how stupid that would be!
  3. I guess you learned your lesson Wu, never ever post in forums again!
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