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  1. I created a new group.I invited one person to join the group.I deeded the land to the group.Later, the one person left the group.The group was disbanded.The owner still shows the group.I would like to reclaim the land back to myself.How do I do this?gene.turner
  2. Starting today, I need to forget what's gone. Appreciate what still remains and look forward to what's coming next. Girls only. Young or old. Nasty or nice, but good, only good... A plus if experienced in D/s. Check my profile. Curiosity is wonderful. IM's of interest or any questions. Thanks.
  3. Looking for a Bi Switch. An unusual combination but would like to find you and have you consider becoming part of us...Send IM
  4. Looking for a Bi Switch. An unusual combination but would like to find you and have you consider becoming part of us...Send IM
  5. Looking for a Bi Switch. An unusual combination but would like to find you and have you consider becoming part of us...Send IM
  6. Would be nice to have an animation that also includes a stripper dance and clothes removal with a masturbation.
  7. I am customizing a home. It has lots of glass windows. The windows are controlled by a master control for tint. Part of my customization is removing a wall and install a same size window as other existing windows in the home. The majority of the home is linked. So removing a wall is clicking the home, then edit, then edit linked, then selecting the object and unlinking it. Once unlinked from the rest of the home, deleting it. Fairly straight forward. The window is a little different. Yes, I can do the same as the wall but instead of deleting it, I can take a copy. Find the copy and rez it and place it in the proper location. But the master control now fails to operate. Have placed the window and even linked it back into the home without success with the master control. I have made this work before but have forgotten how I did it. Any help would be most welcomed...
  8. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Rins-Strip-Skirt-v30/1000064
  9. I was recently at a location that had a free sex forest and also a Castle. I thought I set a LM but I just cannot find it or remember the place. (Wear are those damn glasses anyways?) Any good memories out there will be mosy welcomed. Thx
  10. Looking to make friends…. learn more about SL….. How to do's…. Avatar critique…. Have a safe place to call home…. change or create outfits…. organize your inventory….. play with animations… I am not just a sex toy but a friend, a psychologist, a consultant, a teacher, a dad , a brother and more…. IM me, no shame and no shyness.
  11. My kind of gal.... don't be shy just give me a shout
  12. Give me a shout (IM) and I will help you out on all levels. See u were trying to get a job too. No money! Get a hold of me...
  13. Looking for that missed lover. Are you the one? Let me know...
  14. Sephina, I find that sharing RL info should not be in any way compromising your security. You can share almost all of it without any fear. Your real name is critical. Hard to find someone without knowing their name, right! Otherwise, you can create skype accounts with your SL name. You can share emails with a hotmail account. Share RL photos. There are only a few things not to share so as to keep your true identity private and prevent some weirdo from knocking on your door. Otherwise sharing your RL details, but keeping your privacy, is very important. I cannot imagine developing true feelings without knowing about a person's RL. I just do not see that happening. PPL grow towards each other by knowing them better. You don't have to know the name of the street they live on but living in a suburb of Dallas in a nice neighborhood is enough to get the picture.
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