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  1. Yeh well believe what you wish, i don't have to tell you anything. I'm done with this thread, it's people that make responses like them that i avoid on Second Life.
  2. Shoot your way through Call of Duty *screen displaying Half Life 2 gameplay* lol. Certainly sounds interesting though!
  3. I met my girlfriend on Second Life, been together in real life exactly 2 and a half years today
  4. Before I start this is sincerely about my friend and not me, I don't really care too much about myself in this regard but anyway. A while back I had an avatar that was put on hold because I had an argument with somebody, I told that person that they were to either leave me alone or I'd report them to Linden Labs. I never did report them because it's silly to such extremes, however they did report my account and it was put on hold (it's been longed resolved now though.) However, for some bizarre reason, they permanently banned my girlfriend all because she's partnered to me. And I can tell you right now she didn't do a damn thing wrong, she's never been abusive to anybody on that game or harassed people EVER. Yet they banned her all because she was partnered to me. Am I wrong in thinking that this is extremely unfair? She refuses to even go near Second Life now because of what Linden Labs did to her. She tried to tell them everything, answered all of their questions, etc. Then they turn around and tell her to stop sending tickets because they wont bother reading them. If they checked into things, which they are supposed to do then they would have seen that she didn't even live in the same country as me and her billing information was hers. It's just mean to ban somebody by association! Is there anything that she can do to get her account back? I've considered asking on her behalf since it was my fault that she got banned over a stupid argument. Can she maybe appeal against it? They did tell her to stop sending support tickets after all so I'm not sure. Any help would be great because she's been on SL since 2006 and she used to create clothing but now she wont even make a new account because she despises what they did to her and I don't blame her, it was pretty cruel.
  5. I can find a script that makes things glow on command but this is what i'm looking for... The route prim always glows but has 5 other lights that will independantly glow on command, but leave the others as they are. Kinda think of it like the phases of an alert system, both don't run at the same time and each one cancels all others out. That's pretty much what i'm looking for, so if i say 'alert 1' the prim assigned to that will glow but alerts 2-5 will be nullified, if i say 'alert 3' alert 1,2,4 and 5 wont glow but only prim 3. What sort of script does that because i really have no idea what to look for on Marketplace? Getting people on the grid saying they'll do it for 500L is that about right?
  6. Actually i've spent the past half hour considering wether or not i should just build it in mesh. I'm just concerned about re-sizing it and such. I've been a 3D model artist for many years but i'm still familiarizing myself with its uses and implications on Second Life, plus having to upload various LODs is a waste of L$ but with something like this it's not that complicated because of its shape so it's no big deal.
  7. I'm not really new to building but this one has always eluded me, I can make octagonal rooms and floors but when it comes to making roofs I just can't work it out. I know that there's some mathematics behind the process and I'd like to try and familiarize myself with it so I can use it on my builds in the future. Could somebody please tell me how to work it out please? I watched that video about making them but there is not real math's explained behind it and each triangle segment goes to a point in the middle which I don't really want, I'll use this as an example. http://chestofbooks.com/architecture/Construction-Superintendence/images/81-Octagonal-Roofs-300194.jpg I'm a very accurate builder so I don't want to just make a template octagonal roof and slap it on top of the octagonal/hexagonal wall assembly and call it a good days work. So let's say that my wall is Y: 4.00 Z: 6.00 And that is my base prim so each prim on either side is rotated at a 45 degree angle to make a window box for example. What would be the math's to work out the dimensions of each roof segment but also so it's not a triangle but tapered? I'm not asking anybody to do the math's for me I just wish to understand the process so I can learn to work it out for myself efficiently. I'm also finding that the grid snap options need to be specific or it wont work properly. Thank you!
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