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  1. Frankly I abhor the idea that rape should be represented as a "happy sexy" thing to do. Sure there are people who want to RP it. So it's politically correct to keep my mouth shut in sl, but I've got a right to my opinion too, just as the OP does. I don't think everyone should pig pile on the OP for having an opinion. Or are we all leaning so far to the politically correct side now that we have to applaud every out-there idea for RP someone's twisted mind comes up with. Oh! "Roasting kids on a spit?" Why yes! Let's have RP about that! Let's all applaud it as perfectly ok. "Cannabalism
  2. Of course! LOL! I'll remember that one, for the next time eyebrows don't work.
  3. Tina has a point worth checking out. My comment was just that I have been threatened and maligned in sl occasionally for actions that were not meant to be hurtful but were perceived that way. And some people react by lashing out with blind vindictive rage making all sorts of libelous accusations. If you get nothing out of LL, and I've heard they are never much help in personal feuds, you might just put a disclaimer in your profile that any persons commiting libel and/or slander against yourself or your loved ones is opening themselves up to a law suit in rl and that you will vigorously pers
  4. I get that pulsing pink cloud (I use phoenix/firestorm) everytime I've had a major crash. It's just your unrezzed avatar. I finally figured out I can restore my whole avi back to normal by replacing my eyebrow body part (who knew?). As soon as I find it (with the skin I've been using) or replace it with a substitute one, my whole avatar rezzes back to the form I had it in. Now if you have already ruthed yourself (put yourself back into your original standard issue avi form) you will probably have to reconstruct your avatar as you had it prior to adding the demo skins etc. This will take so
  5. P.S. If you do check out the NOON male avatars, take a close look at the BJORN avatar, if you want a blonde av. He's really really attractive. Take if from me. I'm female in real life and I would know *wink wink*
  6. I've made male and female avs, even tho I'm female, cause I just love making avs. What I usually do is start with a good complete avatar. Usually what you wind up with is the body and a notecard that comes with it that tells you exactly where to get the right skin and hair and exactly which skin and hair to buy to get the exact avatar look you have bought. I try to buy the ones you can modify because you can change some of the features on those if you want. If it's non modify you are stuck with it the way it is. I find the best ones without shopping all over second life on the marketplace
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