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  1. All I can say is it's about time!!!!! But I still see them snuck onto the MP by being obfuscated so someone isn't doing a very good job of banning.
  2. Post of the year but I think you meant to say it was social before the farcebook generation..... Classic spots like Midnight Reflections, LP (crowds 24/7 and always a hoot), Bora Bora, Sleek beach, all poofed round the same time and for the same reason - along with 5000 other private estates and the people who owned them almost overnight - which I shouldn't have to say. Remember the coffin campaign? LL doomed their own platform with awful corporate decisions, too many to mention since most are common knowledge. Now, almost everyplace is empty. Yeah, "it's dead Jim" as far as a social platform compared to what it once was. Advertising the epic fail of Sansara as "SL2" was the final nail. That was merely an attempt to copy the failed Blue Mars complete with "special" creators and no physics. Anyone else notice the lack of variety on MP compared to the pre-mesh days? Not that mesh is bad, but SL lost heaps of creators and thus the variety and imagination of those creators who chose not to learn the new fashion tech. I've never seen so many ugly patterns and textures as I do now. /rant over
  3. The point of all this is that it's a crude attempt and correcting a stoopid mistake by the LIndens getting rid of legacy names to begin with!!!!! It dehumanised - so to speak - SL. Just plain dumb. And now they're trying to make money on their mistake. More poor decisions - that's the history of Linden Lab.
  4. Mum Wife and event venue manager and owner. Also a songwriter and Commercial pilot.
  5. 1. I used to put RL photos in my profile until an insane stalker griefer we banned began harassing me. They're not just *****wits now, they're insane and dangerous. 2. I act the same as I do in RL in SL. 3. Yes but working in RL simultaneously and AFK Much of the time. However, lately I'm only on when my bestie comes on. Sl has got boring for me. I've done and seen all there is to do after 11 years. 4. No 5. Adultery can be in the mind too, in fact, it's the most damaging kind to a parner. I do not do sex or engage in "love" in SL. Period. 6. Physics = flying sailing horseback. NO other paltform has it. 7. Never.
  6. my new stream has all words in the url and no numbers and it works fine.
  7. unless they come up with better ones than they have so far, no one will be changing even if they could afford it LOL
  8. I agree the sims size yachts are UGLY, and just plain stooopid. Overcompensation for something LOL. The sim is ruined from what it used to be. They take up all the room for other people. Prim and space hogs. They need to get lost and use smaller boats. We're not impressed.
  9. "Longest hear in history" - Ben Rector from: "The Thanksgiving Song" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QwaxNPY5nIY Absolutely GORGEOUS song.
  10. RangiUtu

    Burn out

    I burned out in less than a week. Too many control freaks sim owners who acted more like griefers, and corporate owned sims who acted even worse. No creativity allowed at all in clothing or anything else makes for Bravo Sierra. It's one reason why the Wild West 39 sim connected continent now has 4 LOLOL. The ones that aren't connected were never part of it and are just as bad if not worse!
  11. Groups were originally for land use and restrictions. You don't need obnoxious orbs. Simply make a different group for the private parcel residents. Set those parcels to group only. Give paying residents perms to invite friends to the group. No more invaders. Easy peasy.
  12. Midnight Reflections, Sleek Beach, Bora Bora, Lesbian Paradise.....
  13. If memory serves, there were 39 connected sims. Over a period of a few months, (well before Covid), they broke up and sims were let go. Now only 4 remain connected in Mexico. Was there some sort of DRAMA by one or more sim owners or was it purely financial like the rest of the grid has undergone. I've heard both theories. Anyone have any thoughts?
  14. HAHAHA @ The title. As I always say, "Let the Comet come!!!" 😆
  15. Well just to answer the OP question, I'm a girl in SL and a girl in RL. Being a professional Presenter in RL and a voice DJ in SL, it would be a bit difficult to pull off the opposite - but why would I want to? I'm me and that's all I know how to be.
  16. Once a long-time friend pissed me off repeatedly and finally went to far. I found myself hiding. Then I said "What are you doing!!" So I simply removed him - which was a sad moment but the snark and bullying had gone on way too long.😒
  17. Tēnā koe, Melodic. I agree with your entire post Melodic. SL Isn't the same as it once was. It's NOT your appearance. Classic places are gone (Midnight Reflections, Sleek Beach, Bora Bora, Lesbian Paradise - I could go on forever. Things were different then and it was so easy to make friends. The Lindens changed many things to attract the farcebook/twitter crowd who had short attention spans and came here to be entertained immediately, whereas our generation came here to participate, create, and live here. Back in the day you wouldn't get caught dead putting up a social media banner or forcing residents to the internet for "instructions." People came here to get away from the internet. The friends we made were usually forever. I've known my bestie for 10 years and we're closer than ever. We know all about each other's RL. We can chat more in world if you like and I can introduce you to some activities you might not have done and for which an entire new crop of friends will be available to you. PM me and I'll give you my real avatar name - Emmie and I'm from Aotearoa, New Zealand of course! 🙂 Kia ora.
  18. Anger issues much or are you a Linden? I've been a first responder and know what it's like to work every holiday away from family. She/ he could be too. Why the 'tude mate? Chill.
  19. It's something that a corporation called Linden Lab said was done to make things better, but corporations never do thing to make things better - they do things because it's cheaper and increases profits. I and my friends are having all the same problems. If you think the cloud was purely an altruistic move, I got some land in the Southern Ocean to sell you.
  20. I sure wish I could name names on #1. The new ones owned by corporations are the worst (space.) Western second worst.
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