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  1. This new chat is terrible. Anytime an object or person says anything, it takes your cursor and automatically puts it in the chat box, whether you want to reply or not. A lot of times, this conflicts with using keys to toggle the voice chat, movement, building , etc. Please fix this, or move the old chat methods back into the viewer. Thanks in advance


  2. The problem with you jumping around is the sim still thinks the land is at the previous level. No need to file a ticket. Simply just rebake the region, and the problem will clear up for you. If you are using the SL viewer, the rebake Region option is under the BUILD>Pathfinding menu.



  3. Safari Island is up for sale (Full transfer) or Rent it out! Your choice.

    Tier date is the 1st of each month, with March having been paid already.

    asking $400 USD (includes transfer fee if purchased)


    see it at  : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Safari%20Island/117/117/21

    The sim is clear of all renters/items. Ready for immediate posession. Once tickets for transfers are filed, you can move in and start using it immediately while LL does the work to fully transfer it ! (or if renting, we'll talk about that too)

    Contact Eisenkreuz Resident in world for more details.






  4. Unfortunately you find yourself in the not so unique position of placing yourself at the mercy of an estate owner that changes things. There is literally nothing you can do, other than request a refund and hope for the best. Linden Labs does not get involved with estate owner / renter disputes.

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