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  1. Over the last few months, I've had more and more problems with rezzing in-world. (Most of) the 3D rezzes pretty fast, but there are no textures, everything is grey. Issue solved, clearing ALL caches solved this.
  2. There seem to new spamming trend in SL. I repeatedly (daily) get spam from various stores and creators. It's sent by an object, so it cannot be blocked. Well, it CAN be blocked, but it doesn't make a difference, the spam message get through anyway. Here's an example: [09:44] Fixi's Sexy Clothes: Hi Raphael! https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/228440 [09:45] Fixi's Sexy Clothes: Buy on MAIN-STORE : Hidden Haven (219,179,2303) The owner of the object, in this case, is "Fixi2106", 5 years+ old. Member of 10-20 groups, which ALL has "SPAM" in the name and seems to be groups that
  3. Thank you all for your input. Beats me why there has to be covenants telling me how high my chimney can be, and not just that I need to keep X % of free water around my region. Thanks Amethyst, I realize that not having a RL contract might jeopardize the idea of open sailing waters e.t.c. Didn't really think of that. This means that if we want to expand "our" waters, we'd need to go into the landlord business and rent out regions. Ironically enough, this will make us competitors to Fruit Islands e.t.c. Had they allowed us in with non-build-restricted regions, this would not have been so.
  4. I've spent the last week trying to find out how to place 3 new homesteads in a location where they have access to sailable water. We simply want to be able to sail, without succumbing to all kinds of covenants and restrictions, This seems more or less impossible. A new regions cannot be placed closer that one grid location from the stretches of Coastal Waterways that Linden have around mainland. Existing sailable areas exist, for instance the huge Black Sea area. This would be a perfect place to place the regions, except that United Sailing Sims (USS) have MONOPOLY on this area, and it's not
  5. Needed ASAP. We want 3 to rent connected homestead regions (we can pay the fee for moving, if necessary). These MUST have access to sailable water, preferably the Black Sea, but other places might work, if there's at least 10 connected regions with sailable water. We can NOT accept any covenant rules (such as required by the USS, for instance) except that we'll leave space (and prims) to sail and wont put up ban-lines. No limitation on buildings, style or terraforming is acceptable. contact me ingame: Raphael Rutherford or by email: Raphael.Rutherford@gmail.com
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