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  1. Feature Request: I want to be able to upload a Project Bento skeleton rigged mesh "avatar", and then rez it out in-world, drop in a script/animation, and watch the mesh object play the animation before my eyes. This feature would enable more realistic creatures that are far less taxing on the viewer/land/etc. I know this is not exactly the place to request such features but it's very relevant. If someone from Linden Lab is reading this - please let us have "non-avatar, skeleton rigged objects in-world that can be animated via script". It would allow content creators to make a product that people would actually join second life to use. This is good for everyone. The current trick to animating mesh is showing/hiding texture faces, this means that the object is sometimes 8-16x the amount of geometry it needs to be. Playing around with the show/hide method, I found it often slowed my framerate to a crawl. The alternative is using sculpts, or a sculpt-mesh hybrid, and positioning/rotating each object within the linkset as fast as you possibly can to make it look like it's smoothly animated, but often comes out jagged and rough. Anyway, thanks for reading.
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