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  1. Is there a way to detect a payment made directly to an avatar? The money event will detect payment to a scripted object; what I'm looking for is some way to determine when an avatar has received payment. Any suggestions? Thank you.
  2. This started happening to me a lot just in the past couple of weeks. It doesn't seem to matter whether I'm using Firestorm, Kirstens, or the official SL viewer; whichever one I open, it locks up frequently and gives me "(Not Responding)". What's more interesting is that it seems to be ONLY SL viewers. Other programs on my computer don't seem to be affected, including other graphics-intensive games. I have already tried such things as reducing draw distance, turning off ALM, turning off antialiasing, etc. They don't make a difference. Further, during the seconds between such lock-ups, the
  3. I read this and I just had to add my complete agreement! I wear a little-known - or at least, little-supported - mesh body; Fitness Nana by Jolie Sunkiss (devsir). I very much like the 'fit girl' look... but there is SO little clothing made for it, and most of it is gym gear. I recently decided to get the SLink Hourglass body (after trying many, many different demo bodies), because I can get it to very closely match the shape of my Nana body, and there are a LOT more wardrobe choices for Hourglass than Nana. That said... while the Big Three are Maitreya, SLink, and Belleza, I am dismayed by ho
  4. I had it happen to me too. One of my items (I only have four, for Pete's sake...) is de-listed. I received no notification of any kind, and in fact, the only way I can find even the START of the problem is by editing the item listing, making no changes, and THEN it tells me "Successfully updated, but banned text in the description field caused an automatic unlisting of the product". That's about as helpful as a sock full of mud to the face, Linden Labs. Do you suppose maybe you could HIGHLIGHT the offending word(s) in the listing editor so I know what I need to fix? The worst part is, one
  5. It worked like a hot damn... I see what you mean about the minimum of 0.5m. I thought to try to get around it by setting it up per your directions, then resizing on the Z-axis... nope. Soon as it went below 0.5m, the hole wasn't a hole anymore Thank you for an invaluable lesson on mesh building and physics!
  6. Bless you, Aquila! This is EXACTLY what I needed... and bless you even more for pictures!
  7. Hello, I'm having a hard time figuring out how to make the physics of a mesh work. The situation is this: I have a circular floor, with a hole offset from the center. Building it using prims needs 4 prims - a large cylinder with a wedge out of it, a smaller cylinder with a hollow (to make the hole), a box to fill in most of the rest of the wedge, and another cylinder the same diameter as the first one, mostly hollow, to give the outer edge. I'm trying to build this as a mesh to upload so I can have the floor be one piece. I've built the piece and exported it as a Collada file, but the problem
  8. Well, the machine I was using when I posted the above question died, so am on a temp machine at the moment, and it is DEFINITELY not a game rig. Waiting on my new machine before I try comparing "Ping Sim" to terminal mode ping in a few different sims. FWIW, the old machine was an Alienware m17x, 7 years old... and this issue of very low FPS and very high "Ping Sim" times is relatively recent; within the past month or so. This time last year, I was able to have my graphics set to Ultra in pretty much any sim in SL and still have better than 20 FPS. As regards the graphics chipsets, the m17x h
  9. I've been having an issue of late with extreme lag (as in fps down to about 1.1, even with all graphics settings as low as it will go - this on an Alienware m17x, with an Nvidia GeForce GTX660M chipset and 2 Gb dedicated video ram). So when I started looking at network, I found some puzzling things. I did a speedtest connection between my location and Tuscon, AZ (where the server farm is), and ping time was around 80 ms. Download was between 60 and 75 Mbs; upload between 17 and 20 Mbps. I also pinged the sim from Windows cmd.exe and got ping times between 71 and 75 ms, which corresponds
  10. Is there any possibility that genitalia will be included? Whether one likes it or not, sexual expression forms a significant chunk of Second Life for many people. Personally, I would like to see the mesh rigged to provide options for male and female genitalia, and be independent of the main body physionomy selection so that those who identify as intersex can shape their avatar to suit themselves.
  11. I received a rather odd notice in a group today, as follows: Brief notice from linden labs ,theres a group call 2nd life shop going around, giving away free ao's after you accept and wear would steal your avatar id and would take all your lindens , please be careful and don't accept this ao pass the word around to friends ty I'm by no means an expert scripter, but I don't see how something could "steal" your avatar ID and take all your Lindens without at least letting you know. IIRC, any scripted money transfer function requires the permission of the person, and the box is coloured
  12. Madeline Blackbart wrote: hmm... yeah that's a real pain. It did seem to list what the issue was on my merchant home right when I logged in. I'm thinking what's most likely is you just listed it under the wrong sub catagory. I mean unless you described it wrong or put things that shouldn't have been in the items list. But if you did all that right then it being listed under wrong catagory is the only thing. IMO what I would do is just double check to make sure the description is EXACTLY what is int he box and then relist it under a new catogory. If you describe it here maybe forum members
  13. Madeline Blackbart wrote: I had the same issue earlier I found that if I went to the merchant page it told me why (turns out I listed it in the wrong catagory). Your merchant page might tell you what's up so maybe check there? Thank you for the tip, Madeline. Unfortunately, I seem to be missing it. I went through all the options of my merchant home, including looking at the listings as previews, and I dont' see anything to explain it. Here's the exact wording from the email: "The following flagging activity has occurred on *********, seen here http://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/*****:
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