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  1. i LOVED that Cube stuffing TIP.. i was SOOO Excited to try it so aftre awhile i literally tried it... i have so much mesh stuff full perm i bought but then i never even used sense i gave up trying to make my own shop... i attempted to use the "YE OLD CUBE STUFFING" and.....doesn't work unless EVERYTHING is transferable or SOMETHING.. i don't know.. but either way.. i can't use anything.. so that trick doesn't wrok.. so sad...
  2. ok someone please help me, i boughten 2 diffrent types of lola tango boobs...i get the boobs on..but anytime i place on an applier.....like for a top..or for skin applier to match skin i bought....it doesn't do anything.....literally nothing...someone please help i don't want my money waisted
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