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  1. I know that the library and all is searchable, but I have no idea what to call this to search for it. I'd like to make a little pose ball, but no poses, I just want to sit on it, and when I sit on it, it dissapears and reappears when I stand up. That's it. I just haven't a clue how to describe it in a couple words to do a search for it. Anybody know of a script like this please? Thank you
  2. Or you know what would be even better than a dildo .... as someone earlier mentioned, a fairy with a dildo? .. anyway, a HUD thing with masturbation animations and forget the dildo itself. Better rp that way anyway, helpless and frustrated fairy, trying to hide behind a fernm masturbationg when suddenly from around the corner appears an Elven Knight in shining armor, or maybe a group of dirty Dwarven miners returning from a days work, or ....... Hey! Are you laughing? **bleep** you, it's my fantasy ...... walks away grumbling
  3. Innula Zenovka wrote: Alternatively, you could ask someone to make some. My business partner, the animator Vesta Martinov, and I would certainly be very willing to consider it if you think there's enough frustrated fairies about to make it worth our doing. Well I don't have crazy money, ( I saw a dildo for 3 grand and it had 3 animations. 3 animations for 3K? wtf? Who cares HOW good 3 animations are for 1000 apiece ) but if it's like the only one out there that does what I want it to do, has a good variety of dildo using animations etc , I would certainly want to buy one. I just simply cannot be the only shortie that has this problem and has a desire for a good dildo as she hides behind a log in the forest. Wording it so it comes up easy ont he Marketplace may be tricky
  4. See, I RP as a Fairy, so I'm short. Real short. A lot of animactions wind up with me buried in the ground. Now with a poseball system, I know you have the control needed to adjust the poseball upwards to I should be where I'm supposed to be. But what about the non poseball animations that come with the better dildos? They don't use poseballs, so I don't know if that kind of positioning control is possible. Does anyone know of one that can be adjusted somehow so I won't be buried when I use it? Thanks
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