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  1. I want to offer folks to join my group... but how do I find my key number?
  2. TY, TY, TY I had to creat a new shortcut... but all else is wonderful in my SL again.... I spend 5-10 hrs a day here... im retired... and share a christian ministry at Bible Islands.... Bless you all for removeing my frustration... till next time...
  3. I get this message: We have downloaded an update to your Second Life installation. Version Information about this update This has been happening non stop since around the 4th.... Can't someone make my life easy and fix this like it used to be?
  4. I want to put two items together
  5. There are many 'sandboxes' to use for free... aparments ro rent (like ours)... or you may just need to change your sun.... go to world.... then sun... and check midday....this may help... I too spend alot of time online in the middle of the night.
  6. I keep getting notifiactions every 1-4 minutes and have no idea what it means... it started after I did the upgrade... Teauhboo is having the same problem...... we delete but it keeps coming back. can you help make it stop??? Madamzgaudery
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