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  1. The Subject says it all. The SL account in both Market Place and on my SL window has not changed to reflect that credit. Also, when I checked the window to purchase Linden$ recently (>12 hrs after the aforesaid purchase) I see that the price has dropped appreciably, so I would expect SL to credit my account accordingly because of the delay in doing so. After the above, a note about credit processing via Pay Pal was discovered to the effect that it can take 3 to 5 days, That really should have been noted in any information about purchasing Linden$, Also, a suggestion was given that a Support Case would be good to open, but the options are very limited in the dropdown choices now.
  2. Who cares about the TOS, fix the pop up that is not working so we can get on with our virtual realities.
  3. Generalji

    Terms of Service

    I am getting an incomplete Terms of Service and Privacy Policy notice that cannot be completed and therefore will not let me log on. One suggestion has been to load another Viewer. I filed a JIRA and was told that the Firestorm viewer 4.5 did not have a problem. So, What? We can only get 4.4.2 etc. Taking the hint, I did a CLEAN REINSTALL of the current Firestorm Viewer and lo and behold, the TOS popup appeared in its entirety and I was able to accept and then log on.
  4. Very nice day sailers are the Flying Fizz and the K20. The Flying Fizz 3.08 is a planing hull sloop rig and is available for FREE at: Dancing Waters Sailing Center. It can carry two people and has different levels of performance. There is also a group called Fizz Fanatics. The Ktaba 20 Teleri MX is a virtual International One Design (IOD) with lovely lines and good sailing abilites. It can be single handed or crewed. It is availabe for free as a demo at: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Ktaba-20-Teleri-MX-Demo/3819944 Otherwise, there are other free boats at the Dancing Waters Sailing Center as well as some demos. You might also want to go to Trudeau Classic Sailing Yachts and look at a wide spectrum of nice boats. I have been having a blast on a Flying Fizz, but just got the K20 demo and am considering purchasing one. I was a boatwright in Sausalito and San Francisco and had a Rave, hydrofoil trimaran for several years in RL.
  5. See subject to avoid redundancy. This appeared when trying to join Joker Games Group. I am using Firestorm.
  6. how to enable Bletaverse VIP group
  7. When a Money Tree indicates that more than one dollar is available, how is that accessed instead of just taking one at a time? If the Shelter's Money Tree did not offer this, then I wouldn't be wondering.
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