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  1. This is also the case outside of the UK. .. Option to change Profile Photo is still unavailable at this very moment for me because of the same reason. Completely outside of the Second Life viewer,.. but directly with Internet Browser, I am unable to change the profile image like I have done for years.
  2. Thank you for your feedback Whirly Fizzle,.. I hope this is not permanent.... but that would digitally s#ck bigtime if this is a choice Linden Lab would have made,.. which does not even make sense, since this would seriously upset almost everyone who cares about Second Life. I pray Linden Lab is wise enough to fix this, otherwise we have to make work of some serious complaining,.. it is unacceptable that we would not be able to share what we want anymore. That would be censorship of our Profile ID
  3. As a notice I want to ask others to test if it is possible to change your profile image /photo on your Dashboard (on the web) On more than one account I have tried to see if it is adjustable and the only thing I get is the following text (instead of the usual option to upload): To change your profile picture, log into Second Life and select: Me > Profile > Edit Profile After almost 10 years , this is the first time it is not possible and I have tested it with multiple accounts and multiple browers. Yet there is no upload button to do so. And indeed I am firmly logged in
  4. Notification - people search does not work on my.secondlife.com Just to Notifiy you guys.. from Europe it is not possible to access the search results via my.secondlife.com and get any information on any of the names typed in. It keeps on giving the message : " Not Found" The requested resource was not found on this server. Not Found The requested resource was not found on this server.
  5. That is true Dutch do speak English very well most of the time. I am from The Netherlands and indeed it would be a nice idea to have thread in my language,.. but on the otherhand to me personally it would not be an advantage, since my english is even better than my mother tongue, I guess. Non the less, I really do like the idea and it will indeed have advantages for others without a doubt. So , I do vote Yes on the idea of having a Dutch Tread Blessings ! Groetjes uit Nederland
  6. Hello to everyone, I rarely write with any complaint or problem, but after a long time of patience, it has been clear now that after 3 updates from Linden Lab the problem has not been fixed. Many years i have been on Second Life and never had any troubly with the original viewer, but since July or August i think it started that loading outfits i have created or to save them into the Outfit list, it almost 95% of the time causes a crash / freeze up of the viewer. I work with an advanced computer also using NVIDIA GTX 960 on Windows 8.1 and never had troubles, untill the sudden update of the SL viewer. I believe personally that they have released a malfunctioning update but not sure how many other people have this issue... or what is the exact cause. Other viewers do not have this issue.. so i think they have taken a wrong turn with those updates. Does anyone have this same experience and or have a solution for this issue. Thank you for your reply already in advance and kind regards ! (guardianx)
  7. Does anyone know how come the Second Life login ends up into Requesting region capabilities it does not get feedback to log into any viewer. No changes on the PC, but any viewer like Second Life Viewer or Singularity, Firestorm and all else refuse to connect, eventhough internet is fine. I suspect that SL server is out, but nothing mentioned like this on SL grid status page. Does anyone know ? No connection possible with server since Yesterday July 1st, 2016
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