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  1. Never shop on the Marketplace then leave yourself logged in when using a prim with the Marketplace URL.

    Someone will shop for you spending all your Lindens. =(   There is no way to know who did it.

    And never leave yourself logged in to your dash board someone can get your email address and real life address and even worse delete your account.

  2. Being that the prims are maxed at 64 meters why isn't it possible to be able to link 4 prims that are with in that 64 meter area? I tried putting a prim in the center then used that as the parent prim, that didn't work. Then I moved the 4 prims closer to each other linked them fine, then while the prims were linked I tried moving each one to where I wanted them to begin with only to have them move on me to around the 30 meter mark. These prims are 4 window frames in a 64 meter box. I should be able to link anything I want with in a 64 meter area. =(

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