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  1. Oh BS. I said it was sad that a fancy tech implementation was creating a problem where we can't get our avi's to rez and a bunch of you starting talking that personally like a bunch of children...then the pig piling started. Only problem is I'm no child and I can see right through the anonymous keyboard jockey that has a need to villify anyone they see as an outsider...as I said I'm done...I know what the agenda is and yeah, it's not gonna work. Nice try...pfffffft.
  2. cool i have a xbox 360 controller for windows cant wait to try this out!
  3. Says the man who hides behind anonymity. What a JOKE. Reread all of your responses, directed at me. Not a thing about the problem I'm describing, all stuff about me personally. It's beyond ironic the member implying that I'm a douche as well as you hide behind anonymity, even on your secondlife profile pages. Well guess what I have RL pics up, I don't run around acting like the thought police while I hide who I really am. And I'm the coward? Pffffft...What a total and complete JOKE. I'm done.
  4. How many of you are going to do the same thing? Let me make this crystal clear for you - there is NO WAY any of you could communicate to me like this face to face. Not a chance. So hide behind your keyboards and continue to drop vieled insults and try to make yourself feel superior, because frankly that is all you got. Bottom line. Think I'm not serious? Drop me a private message and I will send anyone that wants to opine about my character here my cell and we can have a little chat. The strawman arguements that are being put forth here are ridiculous, I said I paid for premium subscription, I never claimed I bought land, and yes, both of us, me and my RL friend, purchased clothing and assumed it would work. Your pathetic arguement is that I should have researched more before I did that? Its totally ridiculous. More proof to me that folks like you have an agenda...make yourself feel superior. Attack the person not the issue. Frankly you are a dime a dozen, it's the relative anonymity of the internet that allows you to deal with someone in a social context that you would never attempt in RL, unless you run a daycare or are a T-Ball coach or something. It's pathetic in the extreme, seriously.
  5. You mean the reality that something is wrong with the process of "baking" my avatar? I do accept it. It's you that has the problem with me simply pointing it out - which is why every post is about me and not the actual subject at hand.
  6. I've yet to meet a passive aggressive computer geek, you know, the kind that hangs out on internet forums and does nothing but opine about the poster, not the content of what the poster is writing about, who could ever stand up to someone who is six foot three and a former collegic outside linebacker and even *think* about communicating in the same way they do online. There is pretty much a good half dozen of these sorts on pretty much every internet forum, the agenda is always the same, belittle people and make constant comments on the character of the person, not actually discuss the subject at hand. Personally, I find this type of individual to be essentially a coward, and for sure in real life they would fall apart like a cheap nylon tent if they attempted to deal with, say a group of hockey players having a beer at the pub; in the same way they deal with people on the forums they haunt...but that's just me. I know I've never once had anyone attempt to communicate with me in a bellittling way in real life, other than a hurled insult from a moving car or something...but then again I'm usually the biggest physical specimin in the facility, unless of course there are NBA players or NFL lineman in the room...but such is the internet...you can be super confrontational and not have to actually apply that confrontation in any kind of social context...
  7. I don't care. I really don't. In fact I now hope you don't like it even more. The software does not work as advertised. Full stop. Let me repeat this so you get it...I hope you have a signifiacant problem with this statement. I hope you can't sleep at night because of it. THE SOFTWARE DOESNT WORK. It's a very simple concept. Us two new players paid for premium service, bought really nice skins and a bunch of clothes in the store. Since we have done that, we have been in the spots our premium subscription gave us, struggling to make sense of the process of customizing our avatars. That's broken software. It's unacceptable. In fact I'm convinced there would be more players if the avatar process wasnt so darn difficult - steep learning curve and broken software to aide in the confusion of getting set up. Yes, It's bad. Broken even. Deal with that reality. Once again...I REALLY REALLY hope you don't like me pointing out this simple reality, because believe me, this is not my problem, it's yours. Reply to TwoIron - view message ‎04-17-2013 11:12 AM Well to me your comments sound like complaints. I'm sorry **Only uploaded images may be used in postings**://secondlife.i.lithium.com/html/assets/emoticons/mattemotes/don't_cry.png" border="0" alt=":matte-motes-dont-cry:" title="" />. True, some comments you recieve on the forums may be "ridiculous" but what can you expect by posting negative comments about SL on the forums? You better be prepared for just as much, or more, negative feedback. Does SL have flaws? Yes, of course. However, just getting vexed about those issues does not make them disappear or result in a solution. All I can say is be patient and if you really feel that strongly about it then say something to the Lindens since THEY have the authority to make the changes and not us.olution to your issue and hope you have a good day! **Only uploaded images may be used in postings**://secondlife.i.lithium.com/html/assets/emoticons/mattemotes/smile.png" border="0" alt=":matte-motes-smile:" title="" />
  8. Oh and the problem is NOT fixed in beta...we are both using the beta viewer and still have the same problem.
  9. The two of us have been experimenting the last couple of days. Both of us are still having the same issue, when trying to put together new outfits, our avatars simply will not bake. The problem seems to be created with things like "glossy skin" add ons and tatoos...also having to "stack" alpha layers seems to cause the issue as well. It's a significant problem as people unwittingly buy tattoo layers and clothing that use alpha layers...then when trying to use these items they now have the problem if thier avatar not being able to bake...
  10. I'm not complaining I am responding to the ridiculous statemens about how I can always leave if I don't like it or that I'm making uneducated comments...and I will continue to respond to these statements because they are ridiculous...
  11. So again, what is uneducated here? So you vetarans of this service expect new players to come here and read up on all the various issues such as broken http textures or whatever else? Here is how clueless you are. You are addressing a veteran of the IT industry. Been in it since the beginning, in the Seattle area. In fact, I worked at DECwest engineering where the prism project was born. Prism is essentially the guts of Windows NT that Dave Cutler took with Microsoft with him, and cause a lawsuit to have to be settled between Microsoft and DEC. In fact I was on the internet with a high powered Unix workstation and DEC OSF/1 in 1993, back when this kind of software was nothing more then a chat room. Uneducated? I have a friend in RL who is on here. She is upper middle class well educated and runs her own business. Do you have any idea how steep the learning curve is for someone like her? I'm on skype with her trying to explain the subtley of conflicting alpha layers and the like. So yeah - when new players like us are climbing this huge learning curve, and we can't get our avi's to rez in our free apartments with nothing but a bare floor...and we just dropped 17USD on new stuff for our avatars, us uneducated masses have a problem with that. But by all means keep trying to make yourself feel superior...it looks so good on you!
  12. Let me make this perfectly clear since it seems so difficult. The software is broken. I spend money here. I'm posting about the problem. It's not about me being uninformed, it's about my right to opine about something that I obviously expect to work when I sign up and start spending money. If you boot lickers have a problem with me opining about something that isnt working...that is your issue not mine. Frankly I don't care if you people are too immature to deal with criticism that as valid. We clear yet? Cause if we aren't you can send me a private message and we can go from there.
  13. As well as post about it on these forums...I really don't freakling care if you don't like it. We clear? Any questions?
  14. Oh excuse me for being uninformed. Silly me, when I spend USD on clothing and the like - you know, the thing that generates the revenue stream for SL? You know that silly little thing? Excuse me for being uninformed but I expect my brand spanking new outfit to look good - not all fuzzy. But you know all that matters is the technical details right? I have no right to expect the software to work, do I? Give me a freaking break...
  15. Well this is completely ridiculous...so it comes down to just bad architecture...very sad that something so fundemental to the joy factor for the sim is so badly broken. I wish developers would think about thier clients more, and a lot less about fancy implementation...totally ridiculous that we have to run around worrying about the looks of our avatar...obviously that is a fundimental thing for all of us....very very frustrating to be looking at a fuzzy avatar all the time - guess I just need to not wear a tatoo...truly pathetic...
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