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  1. So, you play in a sim where you roleplay with a variety of people, some of whom have disappeared to RL in the middle of a roleplay and then re-appear 2 weeks later expecting you to remember where you left off! All sorts of unwanted drama can arise from this.

    I have a solution in the form of an Excel VBA Workbook I have created. Please mail me at jethro.cabot@gmail.com for a copy of it. To set it up you tell it where your chat logs are located, and each time you run it you can specify the name (or part of a name) of a person whose RP with you that you want to find (and your lines at the same time)

    After using it, if anyone has any ideas how to improve it, please let me know - I cannot promise to implement the changes though

  2. Has the traffic calculation engine stopped working. The traffic on my sim has been static for a week now, and I have asked a friend on another sim, and it seems their traffic is static too. It is not just in my "About Land" it is also in the search function too, that this static figure appears

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