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  1. Here is some ideas. If your using ATI then your Control suite is limited to run low GUI rendering, if your using Intel then go to www.intel.com and use the auto detect service in your browser to find the correct driver, If you using NVidia also route to their site www.nvidia.com and use the auto detect tool. If you have ever ran Sl on your OS computer your currently trying now then best suggestive idea is that your runing the wrong kernel driver for your device. Now depending on the Operating system your running Linux, Windows, or iMAC is how you install the correct driver. If you recently install the newest driver and tried SL right after that driver install then maybe you should reboot PC. Might I ask what Operating service are you using " examples " Windows xp, vista, 7, 8 / Linux distros 32/64 bits KDE, or iMAC 11? If you use one of the earlyer ideas of the auto detect service from your graphics driver providers website and the site found a newer driver> then download the driver and save to desktop for easy finding> remove the older driver from your system then reboot> as return from boot you can then install the newest driver will your OS is finding driver files. If still a issue then your possible not able to run Sl in the 3D render since not supported on your GPU, or your stuck in a bug and should submit a support ticket VIA the ticket channels. I try to help, but I'm not always right. I am determined to keep trying to until its corrected. So success always appears. Sincerely, Trev Dawg
  2. Ok here is what I've gone thru already. I done terminal get-apt updates I've tried lib32 get-apt, Its not a intel driver issue either since I have intel graphics. Its not a broken package from the archive. I'm trying to use the simple standard click on snowglobe or the firestorm icon to install > even as supersuser. I got it running once on this new Linux Mint 14 32 bit KDE, but it was a terminal update cmd for bison and another service. Strange tho cause now I can't find that posting the gentleman did on the net and all anyone is talking about is compiling the source code. Compiling the source code chances is about slim to none on the new Back Kernel of the Linux MInt > since Debain is not being used VIA core. Plus I don't need to build anew viewer for a 64 bit when I'm using a 32 bit. All updates running, even tried the old wine way. When I click the install icon it runs in terminal for about a breif 8 seconds then closes out with a crash. Now I got a chance to see one error on i863 issue but that wasn't the issue to be fixed. The i8series is a graphics failure for Intel which is a work around easly fix. I know that since Mint went to the distro version 14 theres been alot of changes, but I got it running once already on my laptop now trying to find that blog again to a gentleman who knew the perfect fix? Can anyone help me figure this out or help me research the blogs I need?
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