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  1. Even if you put it on, unless YOU went into the menu and named his as owner, he'd have no control. Nobody can do anything to you in sl that you don't want done. Calm down.
  2. BDSM Training with a difference! Whether you are brand new to BDSM, or want to advance your knowledge of the lifestyle, MarqsDeSade offers training opportunities to meet your needs. Marq has been a real life Dominant for over 20 years, and can help you create a solid foundation on which to build your BDSM relationships. Using class training sessions, as well as guided self study, Marq will give you the tools you need to become the submissive or Dominant you wish to be. The training covers such topics as "Start with the Foundation!", "The Games People Play", "Fantasy vs Reality: Finding the balance".. and more.. If you want training that will help you discover who you are as a Dominant or Submissive, and prepare you for a meaningful relationship and experiences in BDSM, talk to Marq. After a free consultation to discuss your needs and goals, Marq will develop a customized training plan to help you meet your goals. Rates are reasonable, and discounts are available for couples. Now is the time to make a difference.. now is the time to start your training. Contact MarqsDeSade now to set up your no obligation appointment.
  3. I'm a submissive female and I've been visiting clubs and BDSM / D/s sims. I'm finding it hard to meet people. I'm not shy. I'm an outgoing person and I'm not really sure why I'm having a problem. Most clubs aren't all that friendly to new faces. And the sims are mostly just sex places. I have a great Master who says I need other submissives to interact with. If you're looking to meet a nice person who would make a great friend, IM me in world.
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