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  1. I have been thinking a lot lately, and I have come to realize that the reason I actually joined Second Life to in hopes to maybe find myself, having lost it somewhere along the way. Can anyone relate or am I just looking at it in an odd way? Seems to be a good way to do it, perhaps even therapeutic if used correctly. Views?
  2. *Raises noobish hand* so what does a "vampire" in second life actually mean? I know, noob question, just haven't been exposed to it yet.
  3. Feel you on the shell thing, sometimes you just have to claw at it a bit harder than normal. Then again, good things are worth working for. Anyways, feel free to hit me up in world.
  4. if she did bite you would you bleed green? O_o
  5. wow, didn't expect so many replies o_O. Anyways, thank you for the advice :matte-motes-big-grin:
  6. Where are you from? I'm from the United States, though looking to move to Canada When did you join SL originally? January 8th of this year (noob myself) What have you mainly spent your time doing in SL in the past? Mostly hitting clubs and other hang outs, seeing what all there is to do still How are you planning to spend your time in SL in 2013? Plan? Do I look like the planning type? lol, basically just roam and see what all I can get in to and what turns up.
  7. I have it as well, and makng friends even here seems hard, been in a month and haven't really actually talked to anyone other than hi. the proverbial glass wall is really frustrating.any advice for making friends would be greatly appreciated
  8. Hey there, Was just wondering if anyone had any reccomendations for meeting others for people who are a bit on the shy side. I don't always do well starting converstations, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks...
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