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  1. I was just going to start a thread very similar to this one, when I saw yours.  After one YEAR of not being able to log into my account, due to being automatically logged out with the same error message, I made a 3rd avatar.  (When my avarars get "borked" this way, they only way to get back into Second Life is to make another avatar).  After trying EVERYTHING on my end, I contacted LL again.  All they could offer me was to recommend I go back to their crappy viewer (last time it was blurry up close), or clear my cookies.  They then closed my case saying they didn't offer support to "free accounts."  Through my first two avatars I dumped HUNDREDS of dollars--REAL money into Second Life by shopping with LL vendors, creators and retailers.  All of the items I paid for from my first two accounts are lost from my third account, as nothing is transferable.  I'll tell you what, I have a few lindens left on one of my accounts, but when that's gone, I'm not putting one more dime into this!!  I'm so mad I could spit bullets at this point.

  2. A couple of years ago, I had an avatar named Stormy Washborne. She started having problems logging onto SL but would eventually get on if I changed her location before logging in. I did that for awhile until eventually it quit working. All I got was the message, 'darn. You have been logged out of second life. This region may be experiencing trouble. Please check your connection to the internet.' Then I would be automatically logged out. It's happened on every computer I had tried.

    I contacted Linden Labs about it, they took awhile to get back to me then told me to clear my cache, reinstall the SL viewer and try again. Then they informed me that they were closing my case, as they don't support "free" accounts. They only support those who are on premium accounts.  By this time I had spent several hundreds of dollars on SL from shopping and buying clothes and items from various retailers and vendors there.

    I had checked the forums and had noticed this was not an isolated issue. It seems there were a lot of theories about what might cause this. It was anything from working from a Dell laptop (which I have) to clearing the cache (which I've done) to some sort of phantom or ghost avi being left behind, therefore you can no longer log in. If that last one is the case, that would have been a Linden Lab/server issue, and not anything I could do anything about.

    I waited months and months for a server update to correct this issue, and periodically tried to log in, but to no avail. I thought I would try making a new avatar to see what happened. It worked! I made one named Brighten11, and was able to log in for several months. I even put more money into her and started buying clothes, etc. for her.  Then it happened again. Again I was unable to log in, and was getting the same error messages.

    I quit for about a year. But I did occasionally try logging in from time to time. About a week ago I decided to try making a new avitar to see what happened. It worked again! I've been going back online to Second Life using my new avatar WendyStormy.

    Since I can log on using a new avatar, it seems to me that this problem would be strictly a Linden Lab/server issue. It seems to me that if I am having issues like this, it's likely many other people are as well. Even if I don't pay Linden Labs directly, being a customer to their clients (and a possible future retailer/client), wouldn't it be good business sense for them to make sure everyone is able to access Second Life without losing their previous avatars/friends/money and inventory?  Why wouldn't Linden Labs be interested in this issue?  Has anybody here experienced this, and is there anything I can personally do to make sure I don't lose my latest avatar like I did the others?


    Thanks for dropping by to read!

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