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  1. It's a bug. It only happpens to me when I "Save As". That is, create a new file. Anyway, the quickest fix I've found is: A) Close the Appearance window. B) Find you avatar (cam down into the ground if you have to.) C) Right click on your avi and choose 'Edit Shape'. D) Enter '50' in the Hover window. (Or use the slider, but I find typing quicker since I know what I want.) E) CLOSE THE APPEARANCE WINDOW WITHOUT SAVING! If you try to save, you just start the cycle again. HTH, Trif
  2. Not sure if this is it, but your body tab 'height' setting affects the length of your torso (specically, your ribcage), in a way the the 'torso length' slider doesn't. You can get different effects by setting you height beyond where you want it, then fixing it with the toros and leg length settings. How much that would affect your arms, I don't know. Of course, the 'shoulder' setting will have an affect.
  3. GIMP gets a lot of support around here, but there's also Paint Shop Pro from Corel. It can be found on Amazon, etc., for $50 or so, and there's tons of tutorials on the web to do what you want. Of PS, PSP, and the GIMP, I'd say PSP has the most accessible interface. (That has to do with historically, PS was for pros, GIMP for geeks, so PSP was left trying to appeal to the broader consumer market)
  4. Thanks Dres, I'll try those. I figured out it's the "Advanced Lighting Model" in Firestorm that gets switched on when you go to 'Ultra'.
  5. Starting a few days ago, when wearing high heels the back part of my foot (the deformed part) is showing. This spike-like appendage used to be invisible, I think it's covered by 'invisiprims' or something. At first I thought it was just one pair, but I see all of my shoes do it. I just bought some new shoes, and they do it too. Is anyone else having this problem? Is it me? Some setting I messed up? Or is this an unpleasant artifact of the new bakery that's under construction?
  6. Trifina

    Unhappy tall

    "In their great wisdom the creators of Second Life did not decide to use their own random non-defined meter. They just selected to use the meter which is actually exactly the same meter as in RL." Not to quibble over semantics, but the problem is Linden did not USE the metre they included in the software. They created a frame for avatars which, when scaled to a point that allows the maximum possible realistic and/or pleasing interpretations of the human form, is well over 6' tall, far above the average human height. The fact that over the years players have created shapes that look good, rather than measure well, should not be a surprise.
  7. Trifina

    Unhappy tall

    It's very, very hard to make a short, well-proportioned, slender feminine avatar. In particular, your hips will be boney, your knees knobby, and your rib-cage too big. Until LL fixes the underlying bone structure, people are going to prefer avatars that look good, rather than those that measure properly. Think of it this way - your avatar isn't too tall, the SL "metre" is too short.
  8. I agree with Penny. And further, why can we only change our display names once a week? What if I want to be the Maitre D' that greets you, the waiter that serves you, and chef that comes out when you have a complaint? I can easily slip "off stage" and change costumes, but I can't change my name? In a roleplaying enviroment as sophisticated as SL is, it seems a shame that my display name is so limited in its usefulness.
  9. Excellent info! Thank you, Innula and Czari.
  10. Thank you, both. That helps a lot.
  11. What's the optimum image size to upload for your profile picture, in terms of height and width ratio? I keep getting the image stretched. And how about file size? I know SL compresses the image to their own format, but does it help to send a bigger file or is it better to shrink it yourself in PhotoShop?
  12. Forgive me, but I'm confused. LL lists the Intel 945 as a 'minimum requirement'. How can a HD 4000 not be suitable? (Granted, I'm struggling with a 947, and while it works, I can't really go anywhere without the client locking up due to ping times of several seconds. So "minimum requirement" is a slippery term.)
  13. Caveat: I'm no expert, and haven't actually tried these things. But I have been doing a lot of reading. I've read the newer Radeon onboard graphics do a good job with games, so depending on what you have, you may need to spend a bit to see an improvement. While playing with Poser/Daz, I decided the Nvidea GTX 660 w/ 2 GB would give the most bang for the buck (about $200). I assume SL needs the same things as far as rendering goes. Myself, I'm thinking of getting an AMD with Radeon HD 7660D onboard, and hoping that does the trick. (I, too, am on a budget.) PS: Check your power supply wattage before investing in a card! The GTX 660 needs 450 watts.
  14. I simply chose another avatar from the selection in the browser. Then, I went to a changing room and put all my stuff back on from a saved Outfit. I think the problem was caused by some free hair I tried to wear. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Troubleshooting-avatar-appearance/ta-p/1256955
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