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  1. If you are looking for a futuristic and Apocalyptic RP SIM then you should really look into Shadowrun 2079: A Shadowrun Experience. They are still fairly new and looking to grow their community. They have a website with information about the races and some of the classes, etc. Although, if you have access to a Shadowrun sourcebook that may give you an information boost to truly understanding the environment, the cultures, races, and types of classes/jobs available. It is pretty cool but they do require a player character application. I don't know how strict or laxed they are so it's anyone's guess unless they play themselves and know for sure.
  2. I wondered about the linking because I thought weren't allowed to link anything in the forums, just give maybe shop names and that be it. Did the Lindens change this? Also, I was wondering about the copyright issue myself, considering some of the work looks like it may have been imported or stripped possibly from a game or something. So I was a bit concerned about that aspect.
  3. I have made revisions to the original first topic, please read to see what other details I have added to my search. Thank you.
  4. Thank you all so very much, Syo Emerald, Whirly Fizzle, and Sukubia Scarmon. You have all been very helpful and I am sure we will be able to get him that outfit he's looking for now. Thank you! <3
  5. Hello everyone, My husband is looking for a very particular outfit for a very long time. He has seen it a number of times and we finally were able to get a screenshot. I am hoping with this image some of you can help us identify the Vendor and whether or not they have a store in-world or on the MP. Thank you in advance for your assistance. Also, if you would like to make things speedier for us at all, you are more than welcome to IM me with the desired information, just please state first-hand the reason for you contacting me besides just a "hello". Thank you again! REVISION: Okay, I decided to revise this because while the finds on the MP are awesome starting places, I realized that sometimes Creators 'In-World' will often make Iconic Costumes, but have no MP store. So if you can find an In-world store with a Dr. Strange costume that comes with a detachable cape, boots, etc. It does NOT have to be "Dr. Strange" something similar though with a black undershirt and the robes and/or overshirt do not go past mid-thigh. My husband and I would again be most grateful for the additional effort. Thank you!
  6. Hey folks! I have good news! I asked a friend of mine about what I was looking for and low and behold he was able to find something. I don't know WHAT he specifically had to type into search to find it but he did! The name is deceptive because it is not or at least wasn't originally a horse shop. It was a clothing store and still primarily just that. They did rebrand for the horses however. If you'd like to know the shop name send me an IM and I'll be happy to share it as I'm not sure if I can post the name now due to the SL ToS. Thank you to everyone who tried to help me! I really and truly appreciated the help! You are awesome. Thank you!
  7. Wanted to give folks an update. Still no luck yet in finding what I'm looking for. I haven't given up hope yet, but I may have to settle for something else till I can find the shop that I'm originally looking for. I just hope they haven't closed down their in-world store or something. That would suck so much. D:
  8. Added another note to the first post and a HINT that may possibly help folks find what I'm looking for. I hope it helps.
  9. Neither of those are it Perrie, but - you are on the right track with the name not including anything obviously related to horses. Saw a potential candidate for consideration too in Sa'ng Fori Designs, but if I can find the shop I'm looking for, the Unicorn I want would put this one to shame.
  10. List so far of stores it is NOT: Phantasy Equine of Phaze White Oak Equines? Crimson Phoenix McLean's Poppet McGimsie Ameretto horses ABC Horses EquiReal Elemental Water Hoof It Horses and Ponies Magnolia Ridge Horse Farm Muse's Mythicals (But the name would be misleading if you don't know the products. So along the right train of thought now) Sa'ng Fori Designs (Still not it but another name that is along the criteria of being misleading in a sense)
  11. Thank you both for the suggestions but sadly it is neither of those shops. Both have fairly nice products though, but I think the store has very detailed textures for their horses. They almost look kind of realistic in a sense, if they weren't 3D of coure. ;
  12. Please read my whole post. I know it's a little long and possibly "TL; DR" for some folks, but I already had a few folks I could tell in-world side didn't completely read what I was looking or asking for. Thank you. I was trying to find the landmark the other day for a shop that sells these very beautiful, high quality, horses. Some of them are fantasy like "Unicorn" and I think they may have at least one "Pegasus" for sale. Last I checked (I don't know if they have moved recently or not), their store was of a fairly small size and the name was rather misleading as to what they sold, least in my opinion. It doesn't have "Ranch" in the name or otherwise so it's not something like "AKK Ranch" or "Equine" something. I thought I had the landmark for the store in my landmarks, but if I do...I think I may have organized it into a completely different folder for something else entirely since I don't Vehicle/Mount shop terribly often. As I said though, the name is a bit misleading at first glance if you don't know the store terribly well and what they sell. My partner and I are finally ready to look for vehicles/mounts so that is what prompted this whole quest. Any help in locating and finding the name of the store/shop would be much appreciated. When I find the shop I'm looking for I will respond back with the name in the event anyone else may have also wanted to know. :) Thank you! Note: They were not breedable horses as I recall. Note 2: Equine/Equestrian still counts as mentioning "Horse" in the name folks. Just saying. -.-; Note 3: I'm not sure if the shop sells anything else. I think they do, but it's so minimal. Hint: If you find a shop that has a Unicorn that has a saddle (I think this one did) and has natural (nature things, like vines and flowers) embellishments on it, that might be what I'm looking for and possibly the store.
  13. Thank you for the suggestions Darmid. That at least gives me a fairly good place to start from. I had a feeling some of the Gor stuff would work best for my Gargoyle already. Glad I'm not the only one who thought so. I already have landmarks for Wasabi and EMO-tions. I also think Calico has some decent hairstyles (some of which I have already) that may work well for my Gargoyle too. I haven't fully conceptualized her in my head just yet. I figure if I have some of the pieces, I can play around like a painter with a canvas and develop the idea further. Granted it can/could get a bit expensive depending on how you do things, but I'm planning on playing it smart. Also, I think Fallen Gods is a bit expensive too, but I do like some of their skins and have been considering making some more recent purchases there. I don't know about a Gargoyle type skin - still thinking about that. I've never seen a "Grotesque" either but I appreciate the search tip. I may find more of what I'm looking for with that tip. Thank you again!
  14. Josie, I think that's a fine idea. That actually might be cool. I know there is a group specifically in SL for CoH Orphans but the activity and active community was very lack-luster. I actually started on "Virtue" server. Not really sure how or why, but that was the server my brother had picked (I started out on his account before I got my own). I was the only active "Moonlight Sonata" I ever saw running around despite someone had already taken the name (probably to save it for later). So I had to spell it funny. My handle started out as gwendolynndedanaan I think and eventually got changed to, I think, TearsFromtheMoon (now my SL name). I haven't RPed in any Super type SIMS yet if at all. To be honest, the super-hero scene was not really my type of universe until I discovered what kind of environment I was in when it came to CoH and the almost infinite possibilities of what I could be. Not to mention, it was the first MMO I ever discovered actual Roleplay taking place and someone was kind enough to show me the ropes and the Roleplay "Hot-spot" when I was a wee newblit. hehe Even got invited to a Supergroup my first day and that was a pretty funny story I have that I cherish. I got your PM and I think meeting up sometime would be a fine idea. The networking idea might be something to think about definitely. Perhaps we can liven up the dead group or even see about a new one, who knows. *shrugs* Give it time and take one step at a time. See how things go.
  15. Haha! Nice to meet another possible fellow CoX Veteran. I'm actually wanting to see City of Titans myself as it looks the most promising, but there have been other reincarnations and I think one is already out. Not sure which one though. Thank you for the suggestions Karluin, I'll look into them when I get a chance. I'm not a mega Mass Effect type girl but I do enjoy the storyline and the gameplay some what so it's definitely a consideration so far as the other type of SIM you mentioned goes. Thank you again very much.
  16. If folks could even give me any ideas of where I might visit to shop for "pieces" to create a convincing Gargoyle type avatar that would also be appreciated and helpful. I'm not holding my breath for finding a complete avatar of a Gargoyle.
  17. When it comes to Roleplay SIMs I feel like I'm looking for a needle in a haystack. My partner and I would like an environment as I described in the title that is either Fantasy or possibly a combination of Fantasy/Sci-fi. We are both Veteran Roleplayers and Roleplay at a decent steady pace. If you know anything about City of Heroes, you might understand the type of "Fast-paced" environment it sort of had. That is what we are used to. A SIM that is pretty flexible and open to it's Roleplayers and the kinds of beings that they would/can create within it is what we would like. I am also a Roleplayer who strongly believes in the "KISS" (Keep It Simple Silly) method for my Roleplay as does my partner. By flexible I mean a fair amount of freedom where neither one of us will feel overly restricted. I know some Roleplay SIMs I have come across have made me feel rather "limited" because of the type of creatures/beings I do enjoy Roleplaying. Neither one of us is interested in the "Gor" universe so you can scratch that off. No Fantasy Rape SIMs or anything super crazy, kinky, fetish specific like that. In other words, those can't be the soul focus of the Roleplay SIM. If it has a bit more substance to it, we may be interested. Fantasy beings such as Faeries, Fae, Elves, Dragons, etc is a plus for a SIM for us as is Magic. If you aren't sure about a suggestion you may have, go ahead and post it and I'll research/investigate it. :) Any landmarks or names of places I might check out would be appreciated. I have already checked out Realms of Mystara and while I do like it and its overall atmosphere, I'm not sure it's where we belong. Any suggestions would be and are much appreciated. Thank you for your time and assistance. :3 Also, does anyone happen to know if there is a "Shadowrun"-esque type SIM out there? I'd be very interested if there is. :D Thanks again.
  18. I'm a little particular about my characters when I create them for Roleplay. I take pain-staking care in every aspect of how they look. I have unfortunately been out of luck thus far for a "Gargoyle" avatar either on the Marketplace thus far or in-world. There was only one shop on the marketplace and it definitely wasn't what I was looking for. In a pinch, maybe. I have also already searched Grendel's Children and I didn't find quite what I was looking for there either. Does anyone know if there is a creator in-world or otherwise who actually -made- or has any kind of complete "Gargoyle" type avatars in their store that are reminicent of the old Disney animated television series, "Gargoyles". I loved the show when I was younger and always thought it would be great fun to roleplay as one. If anyone has any landmarks/suggestions they can tell me about or share with me in-world or on the marketplace, I'd really appreciate it. As it stands right now I'm getting the distinct impression I may just have to "piece-meal" my Gargoyle avatar together at best in order to make something definitely "quality" and similar to something you might see in the "Gargoyles" universe. That's why I'm asking here. Thank you.
  19. Thank you Nalates. I hope I can change his mind too. I think he would really enjoy SL if he just gave it a chance. Thank you again.
  20. Hello everyone! I don't normally enjoy getting on the forums but this was something I needed to ask and didn't know where else to go to do so. Is there a Viewer that allows for greater freedom when it comes to customizing your controls in SL other than what our standard options are? My partner is having trouble getting into SL because of the controls. He largely plays MMORPGs and stuff so it's very frustrating for him and for me trying to teach him when he won't listen. He also seems pretty unwilling to try and even -learn- the controls as is. I use Phoenix-Firestorm and that's what I have him on right now as well. If you know of another viewer that allows for greater control customization, I'd greatly appreciate the information. Thank you.
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