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  1. On 8/11/2021 at 2:50 PM, Extrude Ragu said:

    Although I can see the spirit of this development, I don't think bulk re-delivery is an effective way to handle product updates.

    A user just has to be signed off for a while  for the message to be lost to history and the update never noticed. The user receives the update to the product whilst they are not using the product and might not even care about receiving further updates on an item.

    It would be better if the rezzed item itself detects when an update is available and prompts the user. That way the user is only prompted from items they are actually using.

    I did make JIRA's for this but I got the canned we won't do it response iirc.

    It's not really much different from how caspervend mass deliveries work though, just the added benefit of finally being built in.

  2. 8 minutes ago, Mollymews said:

    yes it will I think. People waiting round for the item they want to appear. Which some shops will be happy to do I think

    is kinda inverse camping. The camper person rewards the shopkeeper in L$ as opposed to traditional camping where the shopkeeper rewarded the camper

    Yeah, in a way it'd be more  like an evolution of the old lucky chairs, just minus the letter part.


    To add to the idea, to help give that little rush people like for rares, the timer could be shorter when those pop up, maybe anywhere from 25-50% shorter than the normal time

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  3. 5 hours ago, Kimmi Zehetbauer said:

    A little update --- the person came in to service our Lotto machine and VLTs and I showed him the print out and explained SL to him too. He has seen that type of mechanism before and is considered a gambling device since the next items up is random and maybe cause a player to keep feeding it to get the item they want. He said it's also possible the programming could make certain numbers on it could appear seldomly. The guy is from Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority (aka SLGA).

    Linden staff might want to bring that to the legal team and shouldn't be approved.

    Honestly that how I felt about it too.

    Sure the item your directly paying for might not be random, but people aren't gonna care about the current item, they're going to be gambling for the next item. All it does is just shift the pay for chance to betting on what the next item will be.

    It's still manipulating the exact same brain ticks.


    Personally, if I was to try and reinvent the gacha, I'd just have it cycle through items on it's own timer, somewhere around the range of 1-5 minutes depending on if it's in a normal store or at an event.  It doesn't change until it's timer counts down, and anybody can buy into it's current available item, that way it takes away the player influence, and just becomes a matter of a time sink instead of a money sink.

    One downside though is it might cause an issue of camping

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  4. Having a way to directly connect a in-game vendor to my marketplace products would be wonderful, but as a optional feature of course.


    They recently snuck in 'Bulk Redelivery" just this past week, so sounds like they might be catching up to that! @Charlotte Bartlett

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  5. 4 hours ago, Krow Ames said:

    LL is not liable for what residents do in world. If they were, the whole company would be locked up for the screwed up crap people do to each other.

    Technically they are liable to an extent, specially so if it's against the law in the states

  6. I been rather curious when they plan to cycle out some more again, at the time I figured it might be like every two months or so since that's what they did earlier in the year just a bit after they added the feature in. But yet there's not been a hint of any new last names since all year. They just tossed out a small handful after just one or two months to cycle in a few new ones for the yearly anniversary and not any others since.

    So when do y'all think they might cycle in new names? Atm all I got to go by is maybe once a year during the SL birthdays.

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  7. On 3/15/2020 at 6:52 PM, French Couturier said:

    Aww man that's what I suspected. I am disappointed, Sansar looks so much nicer, now when I play Second Life it looks primitive in comparison.

    Plus, part of what lets Sansar get away with it is by having the worlds be prebuilt. Which would mean, no more freely building in a sim with friends and such. One plus side though is someone could give a map a makeover without it effecting the current version. But yeah, all the fancy lighting and rendering and the whole environment itself is baked into those worlds with a minimal amount of moving physical parts, compared to SL where everything you see could be moved at any second.

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  8. On 2/20/2020 at 12:53 PM, cheesecurd said:

    Dumb for sure, but it’s just their requirement.

    No TOS rules are being violated by requiring a mesh avatar to partake in the roleplay. They can have criteria and standards for their roleplay based on aesthetic quality and roleplay accuracy.

    You wouldn’t let the winglessemoto F2p furry play in your stepford wives roleplay, it just doesn’t fit 

    as long as there’s nothing discriminating against race, religion, gender or sexuality, really anything you couldn’t do irl, it’s up to them 

    If anything, they would only have themselves to blame for lag if it's a human centric rp sim, cause the majority of popular human mesh bodies are some of the worst optimized avatars that exist in SL

  9. 32 minutes ago, ChinRey said:

    If not disable it, at least not keep it as the default option. No serious mesh maker use LoD or physics models generated by the uplaoder of course but it can be useful for quick and dirty test uploads and of course for people taking their first babysteps into mesh making. However, I think most people who use generated models simply don't reflect on it at all. If they have to deliberately choose that option, there's a good chance at least some of them think twice and realize it's not a good solution.

    Yeah, there really needs to be some way to help encourage people to make a proper LOD, since automatic anything in the creation process tends to be lackluster at best

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  10. Don't know if your still working on it, but your best bet it to just make your own land too

    Luckily, a little hill top isn't too hard to make, and you can keep the UV rather simple and just slap on a matching terrain texture to blend in with the region terrain.

    As for the mesh hill, just slice out a hole where it tucks in under the house so the basement can hide inside.


    For example, I made this recently and as you can see, the hill around it is just part of the mesh.


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  11. 4 hours ago, Scylla Rhiadra said:

    It's nice to see a recognition that there isn't one quantifiable facility of intelligence. Honestly, I very much doubt that even 9 different varieties could possibly do justice to the astonishing complexity of the human mind, and account for the relationship between god-given "smarts" in whatever and environment, upbringing, etc.

    I've never done an IQ test. I don't know that I've ever even been given the opportunity to do one -- at least, a properly administered one.

    I doubt I'd do one even given the chance. What would be the point? Breast exams, or blood pressure tests, or other similar procedures are actionable: I can do something about the results. Indeed, that is their very raison d'être, right?

    But what purpose would it possibly serve to know my IQ? Even if I trusted the result (which I wouldn't anyway), it'd just leave me depressed knowing that I'm dumber than I thought. It's not like I can do anything about it.

    Well, with this particular thing, it's not really like a "IQ/How smart are you" But more of what sort of methods tend to work best for you when doing work or learning.

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  12. On 12/19/2019 at 12:17 PM, moirakathleen said:

    If one of my often-purchased from clothing creators changed to that paradigm, it's very likely I would stop purchasing from them if I was able to find what I was looking for from other creators where I also shop. 

    Clearly, it's the creator's choice as to how they want to package their items, but I wanted to mention my perspective as additional food for thought on that subject.

    I'm certainly on your side with that. People selling an item with all the colors of the rain split into a dozen products are just making such a cluttered unattractive mess of their store, and not to mention, basically charging full price for a color change that probably only took them less than a minute to do for any single color. If anything, it's them that are making the mistake, not those that bundle them together. It's all the same item anyways, and that's where most of the work was along with the initial texture. The color variants take little to no effort to make afterwards.

    One of the main benefits of bundling is it just makes your store look nice and tidy, and more consumer friendly too.

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  13. From my pov, the main reason MP became so popular is mainly the simplest reason. Land costs a lot of financial upkeep, even if your just renting some small tent or storefront in a fancy mall. And if you're just starting out with making stuff to sell, you'll probably not have a whole lot of L just sitting around, and your handful of items aren't gonna be making you much at the start

    And once the MP wasn't tethered to the magic box thing anymore, the flood gates really opened up. All the creative virtual hobos finally had a way to set up a shop.

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