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  1. Unfortunatley, I tried that attempt. It didn't work.
  2. Thanks for the bad news. I tried to do what I can of course, but mesh I'm afraid seems like something that I have to study for years apon years for me to create something that looks good. I did hear that trying to create stuff in mesh is really, really hard, but I am willing to learn at least some basics so that I could be able to have a good looking house. If you could let me know what programs I should use in order to build it and if you have any tutorials I would greatly appreiate it.
  3. I have been remodelling my house for a couple of hourse now and I have been having trouble trying to figure out how to make thin curved walls without having to restore to using multiple prims. I have been trying to use the Hallow and Path Cut method but the resulting wall is too thick to make the house look any good. This is what my wall use to look like. The balcony was just a simple square shape and the wall was pretty thin. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v445/TR3/Capture-14.png And this is my attempt in trying to curve the wall, obviously way too thick to make the balcony look any good. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v445/TR3/Capture2-8.png I'm sorry if I'm asking a question that has already been posted here on these forums or if my issue is an easy problem to fix that even I can do it, but I would just like some extra help so I can learn more about how to build. Thanks in advance.
  4. Sorry for taking so long to get back to you, but thanks for the tip. I'm able to move around and fight much more easily now.
  5. My apologies in advance if I'm not asking this question in the proper folder and for possibly asking a very simple question that I feel that I probably should know by now, but I have a question regarding how to move your avatar using Firestorm. I feel somewhat embarrassed for asking this question but I looked around online for a straight answer and couldn't find one. So as you know, there are various different ways on how to move when using the Second Life Viewer; the arrow keys, the WASD keys and the number pad. However, on Firestorm, I am only able to move via the arrow keys. This wasn't a problem for me until just a bit over a week ago when I started playing a Gor game that requires me chasing and being chased by other people. Jumping became a chore for me as I would have to let go of the mouse and jump using the Page Up button. Using the Second Life Viewer, I am able to jump using the "E" key just fine, but when I try using the WASD keys on Firestorm, I end up writing on local chat (waswdasdawdasdwawdaw is written when I try moving with WASD). This has made it an absolute challenge for me to catch opponents or to run away from them whenever I play the game. Using Viewer 2 is out of the question due to how it would only give me more handicaps because of the lack of features it has compared to Firestorm (for example, I can't quickjump on Viewer 2) My question is, how do I get my avatar to move using the WASD keys on Firestorm? I really would appreciate the help.
  6. Might as well, and I've tried them too. Too bad I only got spam from Craigslist.
  7. It's kind of funny when it comes to all the things I've been taught about relationships. I was at first taught what you just said; being romantic and everything. It actually ended up with me becoming a doormat and being waled all over. I was then told that if I wanted to stop that, that I should be aggresive and confident. Now I'm being told to be romantic again. Pretty confusing. But yes, I might as well admit being only after one thing, but I've learned long ago not to care what others thing. I guess I learned that after I decided to stop being a Nice Guy.
  8. Well I never said that there was anything "off" about people who might not like the way I do things. I certainly don't expect to get much praise or luck for how I handle things, but there sure is a convinience in finding people online as opposed to in RL. I could literally talk to 20 women in a row and at least one might speak to me back, although I will say, it does feel like a job.
  9. Well I kinda understand that, although I might still be baffled as to why so many women these days are deadset against revealing anything about them as long as they don't reveal too much. I've always had an easier time talking to women in SL as I could talk to several at once, and there's always that risk of being slapped and bing called a "creep" in RL, although I still take the risk myself. I guess it's just the easyness when it comes to getting "sex" in SL that makes all the difference, although I know that that usually wouldn't lead to RL meet ups.
  10. Well it's true. I really would not be able to handle a LDR or SL relationship without a promise to meet. It's like I said, I've been in several bad relationships already.
  11. I guess you got me, but this is only after being in so many bad and toxic relationships that I have decided to be less risky in a matter of emotions and more outgoing in seeking something that I want, and can get for free. So yes, I might be only after one thing, but that's just how it is for me. By the way, I really wasn't joking about someone offering me plane tickets to visit her. She was quite serious about it until she backed down.
  12. That's quite infruiating to hear; a woman that would throw away her existing relationship to be with another man, whether or not they clicked. People can rest assured that I wouldn't start a relationship with someone that would destory their own current relationship to be with me.
  13. I guess that probably the best advice one can give when it comes to a situation like this. I take it from the responses that I have gotten already that gaining a woman's trust can be quite a headache, and I can just imagine how it could be for someone like me that might hope above all hope that the girl's emotions would warm up to me, but losing hope myself the longer time goes on.
  14. One of my alt avatars has one. Too bad it doesn't work in sims that don't allow pushing. :matte-motes-crying:
  15. Well I already understand that. I'm definitely not one of those forgien guys that would hit on every girl they see, both in RL and SL, and with their lack of good looks and knowledge of the English language expect to have a girlfriend overnight. I've seen that so many times it's not even funny.
  16. That was probably my mistake. I mentioned it already that I probably didn't give my relationship with this girl enough time and I had made a pretty hasty decision to end the relationship quickly. And now, I guess I should probably just admit that yes, I was looking to have sex with my ex in RL if possible. However, the biggest hint that I have gotten that this was not going to happen was that she had told me that she only had sex with 3 guys in RL and was "willing to keep it that way". That, combined that she was wary of starting a relationship with me because of our differences provided the death nail for our relationship as I then knew that I wasn't going to get what i wanted out of it. I'm actually wary myself of my SL partner wanting to marry me in RL. I have a very negative view about marriage and I honestly don't plan on getting married anytime soon. So I know that I'm basically stuck in a rut when it comes to possible SL to RL relationships, but i'm holding out hope. There is one woman that is possibly willing to meet me in RL. I can only hope she's being honest in what she says. In my experience, many ladies I've met already enjoy telling guys what they want to hear in order to string them along.
  17. It looks like you have a lot of experience with RL meet ups. I guess I really have to motor if i wanted to meet people I've met online. I've really been slacking off on that.
  18. You could probably say that there's a strict double edged sword with me when it comes to SL relationships. As I said, if there's no intiuitive for the girl to see me in RL, a SL relationship is not going to happen. I guess the hard part for me in this case then would be how would I know if the other person is willing to meet if she would only be open to the idea if we are several months into our relationship. So for me, if it's not at least stated that "maybe we should take it slow, I may be open to the idea after a few months" then there wouldn't be a reason for me to be in the relationship due to my own requirements. So I guess that's one big factor as to why I'm not into SL relationships. Another factor being that I have been in a long distance relationship before. Let's just say that it's just not something that I want to be in ever again. There are just too many possibilties that the girl will find someone in her hometown to have sex with.
  19. And i guess maybe one of my mistakes was that I rushed into this relationship a little too fast. That's always been an issue for me but although in my case, I wanted to make sure that my SL relationship would be worth while and not just something done for roleplaying purposes, which are a waste of time to me. My Second Life consists of being a "player" among the SL sex clubs, so a relationship for me would tie me down I feel, hence why I'm not all that interested in SL relationships. And I guess another mistake on my part during my last relationship was that I was too real, or too fake, whichever comes first.
  20. Well I don't know. I guess another handicap that I was somewhat of a fool to see while in my relationship with that my partner kept coming up with different excuses to not go on Skype with me. It's like I said, if there's no possiblity for me to meet the girl in RL, there's not going to be a possiblity for me to ever start an SL relationship with them. I probably should of have ended it after she gave me her second different excuse.
  21. I guess it isn't as uncommon as I though, although with so many people that believe in the whole "SL=SL & RL=RL" concept on their profiles, it sure feels like most people on here are just not that into it.
  22. I guess that was one of the handicaps of my previous relationship, although I guess this was more of an issue with her than it was with me. She said she liked living in the suburbs while I prefer the city life (I live in NYC). She wasn't really digging the idea of starting a relationship with me. And I guess you can't really start an SL relationship without sharing something about your RL life with the other person, even if one of them believes in the whole "SL=SL & RL=RL" mentality. Talking only about SL? As much as there are so many things you can do here, there are still a bunch of other things that are only possibe in RL that you would like to talk about. Since when was the last time you entered an arena or a statium occupied with 5000 people in SL?
  23. I know people would get tired of that very easily. I know however not to ask for RL sex unless the other person is a little more comfortable with me. I actually did tell my previous SL girlfriend that we either meet in real life or nothing. She never really gave me a solid answer about any of that until yesterday, so I was under the impression that we would meet up one day throughout our relationship. It's unfortunate that so many girls that talk about Second Life relationships pretty much stay things that the guy wants to hear in order to string him along. That's actually what happened with my first Second Life relationship when I first started. This sort of thing actually happens more often than you think.
  24. Thanks for the links. It's good to read a few stories, although it kinda makes me feel bad for only repeating a question that's already been asked with this topic. And maybe I am a bad person. Least I'm honest. :matte-motes-big-grin-squint:
  25. Maybe online and LDR relationships "work", but not for me. They equal no RL sex, not a good deal for me. Yeah. I know it's possibly better to actually use a dating site, but being that Second Life is about simulating a real world experience without the real world risks, it just makes SL feel far more appealing to the overall entertainment level of the internet. Even on OKCupid and the like, I meet some really crazy golddiggers. I got tired of that. Thanks for the advice.
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