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  1. I have been in SL for many years. I don't plan to leave in spite of its flaws. But recently something dawned on me due to the plight of a friend here in SL. I work with her on her AMAZING sims. She has four which she rents from one of SLs many professional landlords. Due to issues that need not be discussed here, she now finds herself in a bind because the landlord has apparently vanished. I am sure most folks know what happens now, and I am not here to go into that. But in the course of desperately searching for a solution, we have looked into everything from finding a new land lord and moving an established set of sims en masse to giving up completely, to purchasing new sims from Linden directly. And now I come to my point. It seems to me that by charging such an excruciatingly high price to set up your own sims, and having other policies in place which make it impossible to claim land abandoned by a landlord, such as a "first right of refusal" that would allow a renter to take over the tier payment of a sim when a sim reaches past due, Linden Labs turns a blind eye to many players who would gladly purchase sims directly from Linden Labs and thereby protect themselves from losing their hard work or having to start over elsewhere with another land lord where in the end they still have no surety that that landlord won't vanish with their funds. I do not believe that if Linden Labs lowered their set up fees or even simply offered a first right of refusal to the primary renter of a sim when said sim falls into delinquency, that they would lose money. Frankly. I believe such a simple step would actually increase land values. Not only secondarily to the land barons but also firstly to Linden Labs. Once a sim has passed its tier date, don't just delete it Lindens. Set it for sale with objects to the primary parcel holder. Which isn't hard to figure out cause most are set to a group. Contact the owner of that group. And thereby give a renter the opportunity to come up with the cost of a sim transfer to have it placed in their name. If they refuse or cannot within the allotted time. Delete it. Stop turning a blind eye to the wide open door that allows for fraud and lose of hard work and be reasonable. Make some honest money and reduce the stress this current system causes players.
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