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  1. My attachments won't detatch and stays on when I add other attachments. My animations and alphas for my mesh bodies don't work. What should I do? Is there another free app for Android tablet? Like Lumiya?
  2. Many of us are having problems getting into shopping events. They are constantly full nonstop. Is there a way to include a store's group members into the access list along with premium members?
  3. I have an issue with logging in but there is no Sim. All I see is water or the sky and my lindens won't load. What should I do?
  4. Is it necessary to wear the LSL Bridge and anti push attachments? The Bridge won't detach.
  5. I hope I am downloading the secondlife installation from a legit official site. Looks like I have been a constant target for crashing and viruses! Even if I do want to clean my inventory, I crash before getting to do it. As a consumer that has also spent cash in this game, I will give my opinion and experiences as a way to help improve this game. I like it. There is room for improvement. One day the game will run smoothly for everyone without crashing and freezing. Bonus for content protection for consumers against those that like to bump and steal your avatars look and items! Since we use our real money to purchase some of those items, criminal charges should be brought against thieves. If they can't go to the redelivery terminals to prove they made a purchase but mysteriously have an item, then they should go to jail in real life. Make sure that the rede livery terminal can't be tampered with to falsely accuse anyone. Simple truth even in a computer game is why I like secondlife.
  6. SL has ruined every laptop and pc I've ever had! They're only a few years old. After playing Second life for 1-2 years my computer has become completely unusable due to viruses. My laptop went crazy and went back to manufacturer's state. My all in one won't even startup and has not been able to repair itself despite all the maintenance care I've taken the efforts to do to keep everything in top condition. All is well until I play second life! I've never seen anything like this before! It only happens around the times my avatar is getting employment or expensive gifts. When none of this is happening, the game sort of half assed plays decently.
  7. There are a lot of popular venue out here in SL. Not many are very professional and communicate well. One of the most popular dance venues has a hiring manager that will contact you out of the blue months later after you have applied, hire you, then have the staff members bully and harass you by unjustly ejecting you after you have been scheduled to work. Ask about the company's reputation with its employees first beforehand to see why they are constantly hiring and why employees do not stay with they're company long? The wrong employer could ruin your reputation inworld purposefully especially if you are just starting out as a new model and other models work at their venues. Just a heads up about devious and scandalous practices that are illegal inworld with well known and popular venues. It will feel like they are out to target you.
  8. In the internet world, lies can be caught like flies and could cause some to have their accounts deleted and they could get banned from the game. That would not be a good look if people spend money and others get envious and lie to get that person a bad reputation inworld out of envy through false reports. They always investigate all relevant complaints. If identity theft is the issue they can trace it back to the originator and legal action will be taken from there. It is a good idea to communicate with the supposed griefer to let them know it is happening. Just in case it is something they are wearing that is causing the spam unknowingly. Some businesses put spam in certain objects without the customer knowing. Best to discuss it with that person first so they will know what is happening. It is nicer to ask rather than assume at times.
  9. With pricing starting at $L199 and these views, why not contact me to view your options? Lots to choose from.
  10. Make your dreams come true with a dream home of your own. Lots to choose from with free upgrades, 24/7 customer support. Both furnished and unfurnished available. Please contact me in world for more information. May all your dreams and imaginations come true. :)
  11. I have not been able to log in even with an internet connection. I may be ghosting but the system is not allowing me to go to my home or stay on for even a second. My snapshots are never loaded and my camera view control has mysteriously disappeared behind the toolbar. I need help correcting all of this.
  12. Yeah and there are such things as overnight millionaires as you will find out when you pull your head out of the dirt.
  13. Where are you getting your information? Where I can only imagine where you pull it out from. GIGGLE
  14. That is you and your choice. We all do not HAVE to settle for less.
  15. Then you must have replied to a "troll" post wishing you had of thought of it first. LOL!
  16. I ROTFL when I saw your hair!!! HA HA HA!!! You really can not judge now isn't that right? Just because you can not do better does not mean I should be stuck in a rut like you are. You are a bit dry.
  17. I don't care about what you negative thinkers have to post. For obvious reasons. Including I am more educated than you.
  18. I could post a smarty reply but I am better than that so no it won't do. Thanks!
  19. That is an option too. Lol. Are you offering? What are your intentions? I am currently going through a lot so something just clicked and I told myself go for all that I want. Whatever will make me a little happy. A bit of a risk taker when all others are too shaken. Lol.:cathappy:
  20. You know what they say, if you put it out into the universe. Positivity usually reciprocates positivity. So think positively and anything is possible no matter how many haters have something negative to say. Just because it is not in your plans and is impossible for you, don't plan your failures in my life when they are to never ever meet. Every opportunity is open for everyone and we are all free to make our own destiny. I will continue to take control of mine.
  21. I am a little over a month and am looking to start quick. Hours must be flexible. A you an elite gentleman that needs naughty time at the office? Let me be your V.P.
  22. I have not been able to purchase the items I have put into my cart from the marketplace because my cart won't open. What do I do?
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