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  1. i have half homestead available to rent if intrested http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cool%20Atoll/63/129/23
  2. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cool%20Atoll/63/129/23
  3. i Use my Bot through a hosted service, so not sure what draw distance is set at Would this problem regarding draw distance fix it duplicating IM chat 3 to 4 times a second Just wondering as thats my only problem i hav faced with the update and with been in advertising and trying to stick with TOS while this is happening is difficult at times, but have found a work around aslong as the bots and script dont work on the same magnum sim
  4. I been having massive problems with my Magnum server since update My bots that are hosted by pikku have gone crazy with duplication of commands If the Group Notice script and Bot are on the same Magnum server, it just goes Crazzzzzzzy which for 2 years before this update has worked like a dream i now have to have scipt and Bot on seperate sims, because soon as they come are on same magnum sim they gomental many ppl have reported the same problem with magnum server within the Pikku Bot group no 1 has found a work around yet, just keep them apart, which inst a available option for some ppl my script only uses LL Instant Message to comunicate with the bot, and the script i have had checked and it is still okay according to 2 scripters so im guessing its something todo with the bot and the server, if any1 from lindon would like me demonstrate the problem to them im more than happy to try and help you guys fix this as its very frustrating, and is causing alot of unexpexted spamm for some groups
  5. Hi there, I have had trouble after the magnum update on the Sim i use My Bot that i host through Pikku Bot are going crazy after the update, they keep sending commands via IM three or four times, my translator comes on by its self when i seem to return to the sim. I have found the problem to be the sim and the update, as when i move my bot of the land, its working fine, soon as they on same parcel, script and bot, it goes crazy my script talks to my bot via LLInstantMessage, and no matter what work around i been using i still get same reults. so for time being, my bots and scripts have to be kept apart if they are both to be kept on a magnum server, there have been number of ppl reporting teh same duplication in commands been sent in the pikku support group and all after this update
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