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  1. my problem is i paid tier with a 20% discount about 43 days ago & now i need to pay the full amount all of a sudden & only way i can prove what i paid is to show that last transaction so where can i go to get that information
  2. i need to have more transaction history on what i paid to prove something but the history doesnt go back more then 32 days how can i get more than that ?
  3. i didnt had a problem getting on market place but justcant get in my home account
  4. in preference when i have the setting on mid its all pink around me, know there is a way to take it out but i cant remember is there anyone who help me out..... ty for your time
  5. pristy


    Every time i change my outfit i stay blurry and i see others blurry what can i do about that? I try apearance but if i change my outfits its back , i like to know if there is something in settings i can change to make it right , im on firestorm release v4.3.1.31155 Any tips are welcome Pristy
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