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  1. when you get right down to it...simple fact is he bought something he said he wasn't going to buy without seeing it just so he could leave negative feedback.. TWICE you say you're not going to buy it without seeing it. fine. don't buy it. end of argument. not him... he not only buys it.. TWICE.. but because both of us have the sense to block him after he harasses us he brings it here. starts this big argument online over his overinflated ego. Days of drama. And this is OUR fault????
  2. Drake.. thank you. Right on man. I'm with subgirl. I'm out of this.
  3. how is pointing out that this person contacted me inworld making ME directly involved in this making her look worse?
  4. any other snarky comments about something which YOU have no direct involvement?
  5. and I wouldn't ordinarily get involved but snowwolf contacted ME which puts me involved directly. so ...
  6. Oh and in addition to that could you please tell me why after buying one of these products, leaving negative feedback, having your negative feedback removed by the lindens, you went and bought ANOTHER one just so you could leave negative feedback AGAIN. So you've spent roughly 5,000 lindens on this product TWICE. That's intelligent.
  7. Umm that is NOT how it went down. " you blocked me just cause i don't agree.. " INCORRECT Let me correct you. As has already been said... Subgirl almost NEVER blocks people. I know this. For her to do that it is because she must have seriously gotten tired of arguing with you. that means this was NOT a simple disagreement. As I already told you... thats not why she blocked you. she blocked you because you were argumentative, insulted her and became a major pain in the ass. She did what any person on second life would do under the circumstances. As far as wanting to test a product, not every vendor has a facility for this, thats just a fact, nor is it a given requirement. For you to DEMAND it says something in and of itself. I also am the one who tells her all the time to just block people who bother her and she doesn't listen. For her to have blocked you you had to have SERIOUSLY gotten under her skin.
  8. we have available 2 1/8 sim (8192 sq m) parcels side by side so they could be combined to form a 1/4 sim parcel it's location would be in the middle of one side of the sim (meaning you would have 1/8 size lots on each side of you) the sim is adult rated which means you can do pretty much what you want. *** RENTAL RATES FOR STORES & HOMES ONLY*** ** SORRY NO CLUBS** detailed rules are in the covenant on the parcel. Rating: Adult Area: 8192sq.m. (1/8 sim) Size: 128x64m Prims: 1875 Pricing: L$2800/week or receive a 5% discount for paying 4 weeks at a time (L$10640) come and take a look! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bondage%20Fetish/127/183/25
  9. thank you thank you thank you! I didnt even thiunk to look at the bounding box. you hit the nail on the head. I bow to the Drongle God....
  10. Sorry I didn't mean to keep posting multiple replies like this but I thought I would also illustrate a similar model (this one is a stack of 6 logs instead of the model with 5 that is giving me a problem) and it works just great.
  11. Here's another model that's doing the same thing... this one is a simple concrete wall with a rounded top. the physics model for this one is just a cube. the uploader preview shows it like this...
  12. Oh yes and both models are a single joined object, not linked parts. And that's not saying the model and the physics model are joined because they are not. But each one is a single joined object. I go to layer 1 select export collada, choose the selection only checkbox... Then do the same for the physics model on layer 2.
  13. The second mesh (for the physics) was made by duplicating the original model and moving a copy of it to the second layer then building my cubes around it. Blender reports the scale of both models being 1 1 1 and they both have the same exact origin. I created 17 models using the method and I am only getting the physics model being misaligned on 3 of them.
  14. Hi maybe someone can help me with a little problem that is driving me crazy. I have created a series of models in blender, and I created a second model on layer 2 with basic geometric shapes to define the physics shape. most of my models import fine but several of them do something rather odd and nothing I have tried seems to correct the problem. a visual is really the only way to show what is happening. here is my model on layer 1 here is my physics model on layer 2 and here is what I get in the uploader window (in the official LL viewer) I have tried creating and re-creating both models, giving the physics model a UV map, playing around with the collada export options, the end result is always the same. why is it doing this and how do I correct it?
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