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  1. Hello, I am Kaithleen, the owner of Kaithleen's - Original Mesh Boutique with female (and some male) clothing. I am currently looking for another member to my team, who would help me with some promotion of my store (inworld group notices, social media spamming - both twice a week) and also some control work of quality of the items (ie. huds and vendors working as intended). I expect the total time spent on this job to be around 3 hours per week. It is a paid job, salary depending on amount of sales, plus access to all my releases. I expect fluent english, consistency and reliability, knowledge of social media (facebook, plurk, flickr, twitter etc.). Previous experience on similar position is an advantage, in this case please provide me with reference. I would also prefer European time zone for easier communication. If you have more questions or if you are interested in this position, please contact me with your cv inworld at zlyskritek.resident. Thank you, Kaithleen
  2. Hello, I have created a mesh boa, basically consisting of square planes textured with a star-like shape on a transparent background. When rezzed on the ground, the boa looks perfect. https://gyazo.com/6172a0c595fac4c125ca7309a17ecb1a But when I put it on, the alpha starts overlapping and the boa looks weird. https://gyazo.com/f4a6875f74791809a95cc41ee1469aec Is there any way how to deal with that? Am I missing anything? Thank you in advance for help.
  3. I found out I have too many land and I am not using my sea cottage any more, so I would like to rent it as it is. The cottage and the equipment is top mesh made by the famous brands such as Trompe Loleil, Dutchie, Cheeky Pea, We're closed etc. Lot of equipment is adult (especially the Dutchie furniture) and there are also collections from Arcade Gatcha. The land is located on a protected beach on a quiet friendly sim without disturbing elements. There are 636 free prims beside the equipment. The weekly rent is 1999L. For a landmark, please IM me or better, leave a notecard - zlyskritek resident. Thank you!
  4. Hello Gaia, yes, you were right. I did not have the sliders attached. Thank you very much!
  5. Hello, I am using avastar (set to fitted mesh) and I have a mesh object with weights for classic and for fitted mesh. I bind it to armature (with weights set to "keep" as I want to use the ones contained in the mesh), it moves with the classic bones. In Weight Paint mode I can see it has weights also for the fitted mesh. But it does not react to the shape sliders. I have tried combinations of different settings for binding and applying weights with success. Can anyone help please? http://gyazo.com/84491647b32aaded6b115ce00b9e32ad Thank you, Z.
  6. As my tier date is approaching fast, I have only a couple of days to get rid of this last land: Protected sea, 4096m 937p It is set for some price, but I am accepting offers. Abandon is the last option :-) Thank you!
  7. Hello, due to rl issues I need to close down the business and I am wondering if anyone interested in these plots. I already have some offers, please send me a notecard as my IMs are capped. Thank you ^^ 8192m 1875p flat grass land Morgause SOLD THANK YOU 512m 117p flat grass land Adder 2560m 585p snow Dalarna I SOLD THANK YOU 4096m 937p snow Dalarna II 4096m 937p protected sea Baines
  8. Find your dream home with Fair Deal Rentals Exclusive beach coast - on a sim border We are very pleased to offer an exclusive beach on a sim border. The best view available in second life forever! 937p - 4096m - ONLY for 1799L/week Please visit our office for the full listing, it will be our pleasure to help you with anything!
  9. Find Your Dream Home at Fair Deal Rentals! Luxury Skyboxes We offer the latest mesh skyboxes from the top second life designers among other - Abiss, Rebourne, inVerse. All skyboxes have their own land for your comfort, security and include the media rights. Our skyboxes start at 149L for a fully furnished skybox per week with free 60 prims! see here ....and some of our exclusive skyboxes: see here see here see here Exclusive beach coast - on a sim border We are very pleased to offer an exclusive beach on a sim border. The best view available in second life forever! 937p - 4096m - ONLY for 1799L/week Land for Rent We offer nice flat grass plots on a low-lag sim. Currently available: 234p for 275L/week 468p for 550L/week Please visit our office for the full listing, it will be our pleasure to help you with anything!
  10. Hello, after a year of designing rigged mesh clothing, I decided to review my workflow and tools I have used so far. My workflow is: Marvelous Designer > Zbrush (not always, but usually for final touches) > Rigging programme (Blender or Maya) > Photoshop > Second life I have to say that I have learnt all these from videos, I am not a 3D designer in real life profession. I have prepared rigged mesh clothing both in Blender and in Maya. And I am now wondering which of them suits me more. Blender - after I got through the mostly non-existent UI - + solidify + easier sculpting + can copy rigged dress without losing the rigging Maya - I am new to Maya, maybe there are ways, I just did not find them + rigging is much easier, there are more tools (ngskintool) + produces smoother and more variable shadow maps - I cannot remove vertices from bones manually (select vertex from UV layout and assign/remove) - unassigned vertices jump to the floor I know that this choice is very individual, but I would like to hear what others think. Thank you, Kaithleen
  11. Hi there, I went through this a week ago and ended up at this moment. There was no way to make the second script work. I also found this site in French, where there is an updated version of the scripts, but still no luck. http://baptiste-roy.blogspot.cz/2013_12_01_archive.html Actually I tried also Zbrush with the retopology Zremesher and UVmaster tools. But even if you keep the individual parts as polygon groups, I never got such a nice UV layout as from MD. The reason is that clothing is not a skin, I want to keep seems where they should be and in that shape. The last and most promising to me is this way. For sure, it is not the technically most optimal solution, but it could work for my purpose. http://www.marvelousdesigner.com/community/forum/view.aspx?messageseq=4298 Have fun and share your findings :-) Kaithleen
  12. For example if you prepare mesh in Marvelous designer and the arms are in 45 degrees angle. Is it possible to adjust the basic pose for rigging in Maya?
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