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  1. I was afraid of this. I am a clothing designer as well, but unfortunately i have not been able to put out all of the things that I have created but most of them are appliers. I got in the designing game just as the fashion curve was changing. I have noticed that everyone is moving to mesh clothing even my favorite designers. I myself still love my appliers and probably always will. I hope I will be able to tap into the small market that still enjoys it as well. I currently wear the Sking body and love the look it gives me, but I do have the hourglass and lara body too. i love the variety of cl
  2. Hey there CoffeeDujour are you still with your SL Partner in RL? If your ow is your SL life now is it still fun and exciting?
  3. So I am curious to know has anyone married their SL partner in RL? If so are you still together and in love. Do you still get in SL together? and if you do is SL still fun?
  4. Wow this was a very interesting conversation that I some reason really enjoyed. Both sides seemed to have great advantages, but all in all I am glad that Hunter Fischer was able to sell his land and honestly if I had that kinda money I would have bought it too. Its just something about that grandfathered land that seems appealing and the lower tier is the biggest plus.
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