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  1. Thank you for the reply SinfulPrince I did go to the Gorean Welcome Center but the problem I've found is that the billboards/advertisements of Gorean roleplay places either don't have a teleport attached to them or do not state if they are GE or BTB. I was hoping to connect to any SL members that are part of the Gorean BTB community that could offer suggestions or direction to quality places. It's so hard to look at a wall of billboard's that have only a sample picture of what they are. It's the SL members that know the value of them and I am hopeful they will share that experience Thank
  2. Hello fellow Gorean roleplayers :) I've done searches, I've looked around on both the SL forums here and outside sites trying to find locations of BTB Gorean places to roleplay at. Some of the sites I found had no teleport information and when I searched off the World Map I got no results. Since I am extremely new to SL maybe I am not going about doing it right. :( I would greatly appreciate any recommendations or suggestions so that I can get involved. I'm at your mercy as you are the ones who know the SL Gorean community, you can provide insight or help about these places that will not be c
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