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  1. Linden Realms---I have been played many times,and found that there are many bugs specially in the HUD,and I feel the quest a little boring,and the bonus is just a little,many times need to reenter through the portal or change the portal No,even sometimes log out and log in again.now decide to hunt for job for more money not the Realms.:matte-motes-bored:
  2. I am about 5 years old in SL,from China in real world,registered when I was in my college,but don't stick to play,now wanna enrich my life inworld,hope any one can give me a chance,what type of jobs is not very important to me now,just need to earn money for my life,I can speak English and Chinese and own spare time at least a hour a day for SL.
  3. I am not rich in real world,so I wanna play my SL character well and enrich my life ,and become richer and richer through work hard inworld,hope any one can give me some good advice,thanks in advance.:mansad:
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